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Country Club to celebrate “International Yoga Day” for their members across the globe. Mr Rajeev Reddy CMD of Country Club has noted that Country Club has always been at the forefront when it came to the well being members. He went on to explain that to keep their members fit and healthy, Country club has gone well beyond the expectations and are providing hundreds of Fitness centres across the country, covering all the cities and towns in the very neighbourhoods of their members for the ease of convenience and accessibility.

The founder of Country Club further elaborated that the Virtual yoga event of Country Club where over 0.2 million people performed 108 suryanamaskaras simultaneously was a great hit during the Covid times. "Now, for the 8th international yoga day, this year, we are planning another virtual yoga session ‘COUNTRY CLUB’s YOGA AT YOUR DOORSTEP’", Mr. Reddy announced. On 8th International Yoga Day Simran Ahuja, yoga Exponent will demonstrate 8 separate workshops throughout the day. The focus will be on Yoga Nidra, Ashtang Yoga, Hath Yoga, Prana Yoga, Yoga for mental health, Yoga Bandhas etc.

Mr Reddy also said, "Pre Covid, we have given 120000 room nights per year. Due to covid, there was a drastic fall in numbers. Now, we are picking up. In 2022 we have given 20000+ room nights so far and with the strategic alliances, we have been increasing the inventory so the holidays nights also will shoot up and I am sure we plan to reach 250000 room nights by 2024." "Our associate properties tally has reached to 120 and it seems to be a certainty that the number reaches a new high in the coming months", CMD of Country Club further added.

About Country Club:

CCHHL is Bharat’s largest leisure and entertainment conglomerate. Country Club is recognized by Limca Book of World Records as “Bharat’s Biggest Chain of Family Clubs”. Country Club is the only one in its sector to have given more than 1.5lakhs room nights (Holidays) to its satisfied members both in Bharat and abroad in the year 2018 to members enjoy their dream vacation in their choicest

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