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Central Railway has observed 11th day of Swachhta Pakhawada as “Swachh Neer” i.e. Clean Water. The Swachh Neer Abhiyaan focused on all cleaning activities related to water storage tanks, water vending machines, drinking water stands, cleanliness around water stand area, water sample testing etc. at all major as well as small stations on the 5 divisions of the zone.


Overhead water storage tank cleaned and sanitized the area at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Mumbai and Dadar Station. The water sample were also tested. Further water stands at many suburban stations like Ghatkopar, Sion, Thane, Kalyan were properly cleaned and water samples sent for residual chlorine test. At Matunga workshop drinking water RO plant was cleaned and water checked for its potability.


Water stands and area around were cleaned intensively and disinfected at Kolhapur and other stations on the division. Water samples at DRM office building, railway colony, Pune railway station, Pune railway quarters, Ghorpuri running room, Satara station were checked for residual chlorine by health inspectors. Inspection undertaken at Water filtration plant at Miraj railway colony. In addition, major cleanliness activities was also undertaken at all stations on Pune Division.


To ensure potable water Chief health inspectors and railway officials inspected water stands, water filtration plants, water vending machines with water testing kits at Warora, Balharshah, Sewagram and other major stations for the water quality. Health inspectors visited water filtration plants at Junnardeo and Amla. Water quality was also tested from railway colonies. The activities included platform cleaning at stations of Nagpur, Timtala and Talni in the division.


On Solapur division, health inspectors as well as officers involved themselves in water sample testing at stations like Sainagar Shirdi, Kopargaon, Wadi. Chief health inspectors inspected areas around water vending machines and water stand for the cleanliness and sanitization maintained. Also water samples were collected from various drinking water points for residual chlorine test. Water potability also examined from water points at railway colonies on the division. Water quality test done at water filtration plant at Pandharpur railway station.


On Bhusaval Division, cleaning of overhead storage tanks, water stands at platforms at Bhusaval, Khandwa, Nasik, Manmad and Burhanpur were done. Water sample was also collected from all the water stands and taken for residual chlorine test. The health inspectors and station supervisors organised a team to collect water samples from railway offices, retiring room canteens, water stands and water vending machines etc. and later sent them for testing. Cleanliness around water stand and water vending machine ensured.

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