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Central Railway, on the 13th day of Swachha Pakhwada observed Swachh Prasadhan on all 5 divisions continuing its action plan of Clean toilets . The distinct feature of todays’ cleaning activity was cleaning the toilets of Divyangjan. This went along with plantation activities in some of the divisions and intensive shramdaan also as part of Pakhwada.


At Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, cleaning of entire toilet blocks on both the suburban as well as main line was carried out. As well as cleaning of the toilet area ceiling as well as the toilet corridor ceiling. At Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Divyangjan toilet was cleaned and sanitised. Housekeeping staff cleaned entire toilet blocks at Matunga workshop. At Dadar station cleaning of toilets underwent stream treatment for better cleaning. Intensive toilet cleanings as well as platform premises cleaning was done at Mankhurd, Thane, Dadar, Masjid, Matunga, Kalyan and Kurla stations.


Intensive cleaning of urinals, water stands and wash basins done at all major stations on Pune Division. Urinals were cleaned and sanitized at DRM's office in Pune. At RPF barrack and railway colony in Pune, insecticides were sprayed after intensive cleaning. A seminar on cleanliness was organised at Ghorpuri colony during Swachhata Pakhwara to bring awareness. At Miraj railway colony after shramdaan activities, wet and dry garbage was collected for disposal.


On Nagpur division, main focus on clean toilets was done in 02615 Chennai- New Delhi special at Sewagram station, 02295 Sanghamitra express and 02692 New Delhi- Bengaluru special at Nagpur station. The division also stressed its attention on cleaning of Divyangjan toilets at Warora, Sewagram, Sindi and Tuljapur. Station toilets at Timtala, Betul, Balharshah were cleaned with disinfectants and sanitised.



In Solapur division intensive shramdaan activities were carried out at Ahmednagar, Daund, Solapur and Kopargaon stations. Intensive toilet cleaning activities followed by sanitization. At Daund, cleaning of entire railway offices, cleaning and sanitization of platform premises, and circulating area around Ahmednagar station was carried out.


Mechanised cleaning of platforms apart from toilet cleaning activities was carried out in today’s Swachhata campaign on Bhusaval division. At Amravati station the toilets of all waiting halls and retiring rooms were cleaned and sanitized. This concluded with sanitization of entire premises. At Shegaon station toilets were cleaned using a high-pressure jet machine. Train No. 02833 was also cleaned and sanitized. Saplings were also planted at Burhanpur station by station staff as part of Swachha Pakhwada.

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