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Mumbai - Creative Newtech (NSE: Creative), Bharat’s foremost brand licensee and market entry specialist, today announced its partnership with Ruark, UK’s premium Audio brand, which will see them available in Bharat. Ms. Ajita Hathlia – Deputy Director, Trade & UK Exports, South Asia , British High Commission & Farhad Unavala - Senior Trade Adviser, Lead for Western Bharat – Technology, Education, Innovation & Smart Cities, were present alongside Ketan Patel, CMD, Creative Newtech, Richard Mckinney , Global Marketing & Sales Director, Ruark UK , at a press conference held to announce its Bharat entry.

In her remarks, Ms. Ajita Hathila, Deputy Director, Trade & UK Exports, South Asia, British High Commission, said,” The UK Government congratulates Ruark Audio and its partner Creative Newtech on their entry into the premium Bharatiya Audio marketplace. Ruark’s arrival in Bharat builds on its export successes in other markets and its strong reputation as a UK export champion”.

Commenting on the Bharat entry, Richard Mckinney, Global Marketing & Sales Director, Ruark UK, said,” We are delighted and happy to be here in one of the world’s fastest growing economies with a growing audience whose appetite for great music is apparent. The credit for us being here entirely goes to the team at Creative Newtech who helped plan the entire India entry meticulously. Their shared passion for quality and consumer delight combined with their in-depth understanding of the Bharatiya market, the nuances of distribution and their large network both offline & online, am sure will help Ruark fins its audience of audio lovers across Bharat.”

In his comments, Ketan Patel, CMD, Creative Newtech, said,” Ruark is a great addition to the ever-growing portfolio at Creative Newtech. Being a premium brand targeted at true music lovers and those with a design bent, it’s part of our strategy to bring more high-end brands into our portfolio. Indian market for high quality audio is still growing and the appetite has only grown post covid aided by the growing affluence particularly among millennials and GenZ.

We thank the team at Ruark for believing in us and am sure it will be a mutually win-win partnership. With this global launch, Ruark is introduction the below mentioned range of products MR1 MK2, R2 MK4, R3S, R410, RS1 available in Bharat. With starting range INR. 69,000/- upto INR 4,99,000/-

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