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Central Railway is battling Coronavirus pandemic leading from the front in every aspect since the nationwide lockdown from 23rd of March 2020. Though the passenger services were stopped, the freight and parcel operations continued to run for maintaining the supply chain. Subsequently Railways have started 15 pairs of AC special trains from 12th of May and with announcement of Unlock-1, 200 selected special trains started to run from 1st June across India. Central Railway also runs 352 special trains on its suburban section for essential staff identified by the State Government. For running these selected special trains, goods/parcel trains and suburban trains, our Mail Exp Loco Pilots/Assistant LPs & guards, Ghat drivers, Goods drivers & Goods guards, Shunter drivers & guards, suburban motorman / motorwoman and guards are playing a very important role.

Ghat drivers

There are two ghat sections over Mumbai Division of Central Railway. The drivers working in these ghat Sections are very skilled and well trained. Both the ghats are 1: 37 gradient which is one of the highest gradients in India.

1) South East Bhor ghat between Karjat-Lonavla is approx 28 km long having about 52 tunnels and 8 large bridges

2) North East Thul ghat between Kasara-Igatpuri is approx 14 km having about 18 tunnels and 8 large bridges.

Bankers are attached to the trains on both these ghats to push the train on the incline and act as a brakers while getting down the ghats. Their job becomes all the more challenging in general and during monsoon & winter in particular.

Goods Loco pilots and guards

Goods loco pilots and guards play a key role in driving goods trains. A number of goods trains are operated from Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Bhusaval and Solapur divisions of Central Railway, so that the supply of goods in the country remains constant. Goods Loco Pilot and guard interchanges with various zones connected with CR. Zones like Konkan Railway, WR, WCR, SCR, SECR, SWR etc.

Shunter Drivers and guards

Shunters are playing a very important role in formation of rakes, attachment and detachment of sick coaches/wagons, moving rakes from one yard to another yard.

Loco pilots and Guards of Passenger trains

Loco pilots of Mumbai, Nagpur, Bhusaval, Solapur and Pune Divisions of Central Railway are playing very important role to run special mail/Express train to transport passengers from one place to another place during this Covid19 period.

Loco pilots and goods guards are also playing an important role in running these freight trains during lockdown, due to which it is possible to send essential goods from one corner of the country to the other corner of the country.

Suburban Motorman/Motor-woman & guard:

Motormen, Motorwomen and Guards of Mumbai suburban trains are playing a very important role to run 352 special trains on its suburban section for essential staff identified by the State Government. In addition to sanitizing the suburban trains, Motorman/Guard cabs are also regularly sanitized to avoid coronavirus infection.

There are numerous heroes working behind the scenes to serve the nation. The crews are religiously following the laid down guidelines like using masks, keeping social distancing and use of sanitizer. Besides, Railways are also sanitizing the locomotives at the change-over points, running room etc. after every use.

We salute all these Corona Warriors for their outstanding work during the COVID-19 crisis.


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