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While movies are often based in a world of fiction, our favorite actors are not away from the harsh reality of the pandemic. As 2022 brought the third wave of Covid-19 with the new variant, Omicron, actress Daisy Bopanna contracted the deadly virus. She has now tested negative.

Daisy was asymptomatic and isolated herself immediately upon knowing. Daisy explained, “During this time, I have isolated and informed everyone that I had been in contact with. The worst aspect of contracting the Covid-19 is the absolute mental pressure to restrain the virus from spreading further. After quarantining for ten days thankfully, it has now been confirmed that I am Covid negative. Please mask up and stay safe, don't take any variant lightly. Please get the complete vaccination done fast.”

Daisy then turned the positive thought in saying, “There was also a silver lining to it, too. I got to spend a lot of time self-actualizing and introspecting.” When asked how she spent her time in the quarantine she confessed that watching shows and movies online have been rather fun.

She further added, “I read quite a few books as well. To be honest, I was always an avid reader and self-isolation gave me the required time to read a few books that were on my wish list for quite some time now.” When asked if any of the books she read left a lasting impression on her, Daisy perked up and said, “Oh yeah, of course! So, while browsing some books online I came across this book called "Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer and it immediately caught my attention. It is a spiritual book by Michael Singer that gives a deeper understanding of one's core self and this seemed exactly like the kind of thing that gives you hope. And truthfully, I was not at all disappointed.”

Daisy signed off saying that she hopes we come out of this setback very soon and the third wave doesn’t cause as much pain and hurt as the last two.

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