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Madumita Biswas has already made her debut on small screen platform with a other substantial roles in small screen serials like Pavitra Bandhan, Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Kumkum Bhagya, Bhagyalaxmi, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai & TV Biwi Aur Mai. Time to have a Telephonic interaction with the charming actress! I come from a small town Nawapara Rajim under Raipur district. I had done an intensive course of acting from Nagpur before landing up in Bollywood.

1. How was your experience during shooting of this movie?

It was an incredible experience as now it’s Been a family, because we have been shooting our second movie together with the same cast and crew.. I felt quite comfortable working with everyone...

2. How different is your role in Sakshi from Suspense?

Actually both the roles are totally different but My love interest in the both movies is same.. In “SUSPENSE " I played his wife’s character however now in Sakshi i will be seen playing his fiancé, this time so you can say that our onscreen chemistry is going reverse jokes apart, for SAKSHI i am playing a girl who is fearless, spiritual, loving, caring and too serious about her loved ones.. she goes beyond her limits to save them from an any evil eye...

3. How are you feeling about this new song release?

I am very excited & feeling really special after getting so much of love & affection from viewers. Dance has been always my passion ever since childhood & dancing gives me immense pleasure to me specially when it’s part of my work now, i also wanna convey to all my friends to keep showering same love and blessings..

4. What are the challenges you have faced while shooting this song?

See we all get lot of challenges while doing our work but with me, there had been an incident where I badly injured my knee while doing a knee down step during rehearsals but, then sometimes there are deadlines which need to be respected..

5. How was the experience with director Ajay Ram?

As i said before we are like family & i was genuinely so comfortable and relaxed while working with Ajay sir that I didn’t even felt there was some shoot going on.... He is so down to earth that i never felt a pressure for performance, even being a director he loves to consider our views and really tries to implement it which gives all of us a superb confidence and a sense of ownership in sets which i think is really very important.

6. How much time it took to shoot the complete song?

Precisely it took 2 days and within that short time to shoot a song we did it with all our combined efforts, dedication & rehearsals.

7. How is your chemistry with actor Vikram Mastal in the movie?

Vikram for me is not just a co-actor but a friend to me as this is our 2nd movie together & You will see our mix on screen chemistry in this movie with romance and thrill ka tadka..

8. What are the reactions from your family members and friends after the song?

That was so awesome & shockingly above expectations that i got overwhelmed and feeling special. Everyone started congratulating me started sharing my posts showering their love for me I think i am unable to even express well how i am feeling. It’s just that they are feeling proud which makes me to feel proud on myself. I wish i can keep doing the good work in a much better way in future and will live up to their expectations always.

9. What kind of role you would like to do?

I really love to be versatile and When you love your work it doesn’t matter what role you are performing, What actually matters is how much you get involved in your work and when you enjoy your work you don’t have to bother for the results I guess, but yes to be specific I love doing historical & periodical roles As I love to read & get knowledge about our history so I think if time & luck permits I will do that kind of role very soon and Comparatively will enjoy more doing it.

10. Any planning for trilogy with director Ajay Ram?

I think I will be grateful in doing it & will absolutely be my pleasure as we have already planned another one together but i am so happy and privileged working with him that i still wanna keep doing projects with Ajay Sir ,For that think he only can answer it more correctly if he will have a role that suits me then I would love to keep working with him And hope he will offer it to me.

11. When is the movie releasing?

Well that’s gonna be a double blast in Diwali as its releasing on 13th of November And I really need all of your blessings and support.

12. What are your expectations from the movie?

As we all have put a lot of efforts in completing it so obviously the expectations are very high and being a comedy romantic thriller i think people will enjoy watching it, so fingers crossed.

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