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~ Produced by Creative Eye, Nikki Aur Jadui Bubble will premiere on Tuesday, 20th April 2021 at 6.30PM ~

Committed to entertaining viewers with differentiated content and diverse stories, Bharat’s leading free-to-air Hindi General Entertainment Channel is back with yet another family entertainer and this time with a magical spark. In an attempt to reach out to a new set of viewers, Dangal TV now launches Nikki Aur Jadui Bubble – a fantasy show that will take viewers on a magical journey. Nikki Aur Jadui Bubble will showcase a story around Nikki’s quest for her missing parents along with her fun-loving magician friend ‘Bubble’ while she is orphaned. Nikki Aur Jadui Bubble will premiere on Tuesday, 20th April, 2021 at 6.30PM and will thereafter air from Monday to Friday exclusively on Dangal TV.

Produced by Creative Eye, Nikki Aur Jadui Bubble will entertain viewers with its power-packed and visually appealing storytelling. With Maisha Dixit as Nikki and Tanmay Rishi as the quirky and mischievous Bubble, the show will also have Himmanshoo Malhotra as Nikki’s magician father Shiv, Lavina Tandon as evil magician Jhanjharika, Gulfam Khan, Sheetal Dabholkar and Sriniwas Kale in pivotal roles.

Intrigued by magic, and separated from her parents, Nikki desires to follow her father’s footsteps of becoming a magician someday. It is only when Nikki lands up in the orphanage does she meet her secret magician friend Bubble. It is along with Bubble and his magic that Nikki sets out to become friends with the rest of the kids while continuing her quest to find her missing parents while encountering Jhanjharika, the evil magician.

Speaking on continuing to invest for its viewers, Manish Singhal, Managing Director at Enterr10 Television says, “At Dangal TV, we believe it is our audience who is responsible for our success. Original content is the core of the entertainment sector and at Dangal TV, we plan to scale up our original offerings and be the go-to destination for our audience. We look forward to further strengthening our position, as we introduce another captivating original story.”

On launching a fantasy show, Prashant Bhatt, Programming Head at Dangal TV says, “Nikki Aur Jadui Bubble is truly a visual treat that will take viewers on a journey filled with the goodness of magic. The launch re-affirms our commitment to provide differentiated content that appeals to a wide range of audience. By strengthening our prime time, this new show will further deliver non-stop entertainment to our viewers. We are sure that it will go on to become a kids' favorite and also bring families together.”

On playing Nikki, Maisha Dixit says, “This is the first time I am in a show which is all about magic. I love my character Nikki; she is strong and brave. It has taken me to magic-land which is not possible in real life. I hope all my friends and their families enjoy the show.”

Speaking on his role as Shiv, Himmanshoo Malhotra says, “When I read the script, I loved the show’s concept and I knew I had to try my hand in the fantasy genre with this one. It's got everything from magic, adventure, entertainment and fun and is a complete family entertainer. This is the first time that I am portraying a father on-screen and I am excited to show this side of me to the audience and I hope they will love it.”

On bringing Bubble to life, Tanmay Rishi says, “My character Bubble is mischievous and always ends up in trouble. He saves and protects Nikki when other children trouble her in the orphanage. I love watching magic and adventure movies and cartoons. So, I am enjoying playing a character who can perform magic tricks and is naughty just like me.”

On portraying Jhanjharika, Lavina Tandon says, “Jhanjharika is a very powerful and proud magician who will challenge Nikki on various occasions. I’m excited on being a part

of a show that has such a unique storyline that will grip viewers with each episode. What adds to my excitement is the show’s concept which is a unique combination of a magical tale and adventure from a child's view. It is also special because there are kids in it and it reminds me of my time when I was a child artist. I am looking forward to knowing how the audience reacts to my character, especially my look.”

Nikki Aur Jadui Bubble is a visual treat not only for kids but for the family as a whole. Nikki Aur Jadui Bubble will premiere on Tuesday, 20th April, 2021 at 6.30PM and will thereafter air from Monday to Friday exclusively on Dangal TV.

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