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MasterChef Australia Season 13 on Disney+ Hotstar Premium has become a hot favourite around the globe. The collective talent on the show this year has taken the global cuisine up by several notches, with India’s favourite contestant Depinder Chhibber introducing the rich Bharatiya flavours to the world like never before. From her Smoked Lassi to her tiffin box with Chickpea Curry, Kadhai Paneer, Cauliflower Okra Chips and Grandma’s Mustard Pickle to the viral Green Curry Cake, Depinder has managed to add the ‘MasterChef’ style to all things Bharatiya.

Every dish Depinder chose to bring on the show spoke profoundly of the roots she comes from. Talking about the Bharatiya culture and values she represents, Depinder Chhibber said, “I guess this is my identity, it is who I am today. I belong to one of the most diverse and largest cultures in the world. I’ve been blessed with the best of both worlds. I was born and raised in Bharat and have showcased my Bharatiya heritage during several challenges throughout the contest and hopefully this has elevated Bharatiya cuisine in Australia even more. Research is a big part of my food hobby and I’m always researching ancient cooking techniques, Royal dishes which were once commonly prepared and presented but are barely found in Bharat these days. I love being inspired by historic events and cultures which have been carried down for generations and this is something very close to my heart as it is invaluable. I aspire to showcase home style and regional Indian food because it deserves a place in mainstream cuisines.”

Born in New Delhi, Depinder Chhibber moved to Newcastle at the age of 11 and is now based out of Sydney. She may have left Bharat in terms of geography but she found her way back through her journey of food. A pharmacist by profession she hopes to write a cookbook making Bharatiya flavours more accessible to the western world.

As MasterChef Australia Season 13 draws closer to the finale, who will win the coveted trophy, to find out, watch the episodes now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar Premium


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