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~ The six-episode series explores workplace dynamics for millennials via the story of a couple that works together and lives together ~

Picking up from the first season of Please Find Attached, which introduced viewers to Shaurya (Ayush Mehra) and Sanya (Barkha Singh), Dice Media brings back yet another season of its most loved workplace-romance series. In a compelling narrative of millennial ambitions in the workplace seen via a modern love story, Season 2 explores what happens when personal and professional lives start to intersect. Please Find Attached Season 1 started off as a mini-series and garnered 46+ million views across platforms, and the audience demanded a bigger Season 2! The six-episode Season 2 is slated to release on 30th October.

In Please Find Attached Season 2, we see Shaurya getting promoted into manager, leaving Sanya feeling left behind professionally. While Sanya finds a friend and a mentor in her new manager, Shaurya’s seemingly dream position is not panning out as well as he had hoped. Insecurities and tempers flare and their relationship is tested as their professional growth takes precedence over their personal commitments - Does Shaurya choose between a long-pending date with Sanya, or does he attend an office party that’s important for his career progression? Does Sanya encourage Sharuya to push her solution to the Client? Should they disclose their relationship in the office?

These seemingly trivial yet tough choices are a glimpse into almost every modern couples’ lives as they juggle to balance work and life. Writers Kaviraj Singh, Sehaj Maini, and Ajay Kumar, along with director Nayana Shyam deliver a power-packed series with lessons on work, love, life, and how the three intermingle so easily in 2020.

Expressing the excitement on the return of the hit show, actor Barkha Singh says “I am super thrilled about bringing the second season of Please Find Attached to our viewers. When we got back to sets after 7-8 months of the lockdown, it was so overwhelming for us, but gradually we adapted, and finally, when we wrapped shooting, it was a very fulfilling and wonderful experience. As actors, the feeling of performing, giving our best, and seeing the love from our fans is truly encouraging. Season 2 is a beautiful story with a beautiful message about what it takes to make a mature relationship work.”

Echoing her thoughts, Co-Actor Ayush Mehra says, “Definitely, the audience cheering and enthusiasm of fans play a very important role in our lives. We are encouraged to do better and bring in much more to the screen as well. Season 2 of Dice Media’s Please Find Attached will give everyone a real perspective on the ups and downs that couples face, along with the efforts and understanding that goes into a successful relationship.”

While Please Find Attached Season 1 received an overwhelming response, season 2 promises to raise the bar of quality entertainment - when it launches on 30th October 2020. Catch all the exciting episodes of Please Find Attached Season 2 on Dice Media’s Youtube page.

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