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~ This season unfolds an exhilarating experience by a couple embracing unexpected parenthood ~

Dice Media is back with a new season of its superhit Instagram series - ‘Firsts’ starring Tara Alisha Berry and Karan Jotwani. Season 6 will unveil some exciting yet unforeseen challenges of being in an adult relationship. Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, the young couple has much to figure about parenthood, with only nine months at hand. Each bite-sized, one minute episode will leave you entertained and wanting for more.

Powered by Prega News and in association with Country Delight, this new season captures the essence of a relationship between an ambitious married couple Pakhi (27) and Ankur (28), who are taken by surprise, finding themselves with an accidental pregnancy. While Ankur is completely excited to hop on to the roller- coaster ride that the pregnancy is likely to bring, Pakhi on the other hand is filled with doubt and apprehensions about making the right decision.

This exhilarating experience brings about many of their magical ‘Firsts’ such as the feeling of becoming to-be parents when they uncover the pregnancy test, cherishing the newly developed maternal instincts, discussing birth plans and much more! With each episode, their relationship goes through many changes and the sacrifices they need to make, while trying to balance their existing work responsibilities. The 20 one-minute episodes of Season 6 are sure to take you on an unplanned adventure and the wondrous journey of a couple embracing parenthood, and learning everything there is in a short span of nine months, until they finally welcome their baby.

Speaking about his experience playing Ankur, Actor Karan Jotwani says, "I must admit that as an actor my experience with ‘Firsts’ has been wholesome and truly fulfilling. I believe teamwork is what added more flavour to what was created onset. Special shoutout to Dice Media, it has been one of the best teams I have worked with. Ankur’s character is quite relatable and I am sure that the viewers would easily be able to connect with my character. I am excited and nervous at the same time and hoping my viewers like me as Ankur.”

Actress Tara Alisha Berry adds, "Working with Dice Media on Firsts Season 6 was one of the best experiences I have had on any project and one I will carry with me always. The one-minute format was challenging at first but then it became so much fun. An actor has to be able to emote the right feelings within just one minute. Working with Karan was a great experience overall. Since Karan and I have known each other for a while now, the ice was already broken and it wasn't difficult to get started. I had a great time being Pakhi and shooting for this series.”

Firsts franchise has built a community of its own, with the former seasons having beautifully captured moments that people initially experience in every relationship through topics such as college romance, LGBTQ+ relationships, arranged marriages and the acceptance of the specially-abled in a unique love story. As the audiences have matured, so have the storylines and Season 6 delving into the unplanned pregnancy of a couple, adds to a new milestone in the series' innovative content narratives.

Starting today (9th August), catch all the new episodes of Firsts Season 6 and all the previous seasons on Dice Media’s Instagram & Youtube page.

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