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Can a modern day love story be arranged? To answer this burning question, Dice Media’s hit Instagram series, Firsts is back with its fourth season in partnership with Cadbury Silk Mousse. Over the last three seasons, the show through its much loved, bite-sized content has entertained millions, prompting its renewal for the fourth season within a year. After successfully exploring school romance, a virtual relationship during the pandemic lockdown, and a same sex relationship in its previous seasons, this season is a refreshing take on the Arrange Marriage concept.

Set amidst the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, Firsts season four follows the journey of two individuals Kabir Mehra (28) and Janhavi Seth (26), who are not entirely kicked by the idea of an arranged marriage, but respect their parents’ decisions. Starring Rohan Khurana and Shreya Mehta, this season explores the tradition of marriage and how it jostles with the parents’ involvement in the relationship along with the adjustments one needs to make in it. As the season progresses, in between all the shy yet exciting firsts that follow, the unexpected happens - they fall in love and the two decide to take the plunge, much to their parents’ satisfaction. Each day grows to become a surprise wherein both the families learn to embrace the nitty-gritty of a nurturing mature relationship & eventually, a happy arranged- love marriage.

Over the course of 20 1-minute episodes, Firsts season 4 uncovers if love can be arranged, even today. The season is directed by Pranay Manchanda, who has been on both sides of the camera with the Firsts franchise, having both directed and acted in Season 2.

Commenting on his experience, Actor Rohan Khurana says, “Coincidently, shooting this season felt like an arranged marriage in real life, since Shreya and I didn't really know each other up until then. The awkwardness between us in the beginning kind of helped build the required chemistry for the series. I don’t think I’ve met anyone like her ever before as she is so full of life! Talking about the series, the one-minute video format can be challenging but it's also fun at the same time. You have to learn to be quicker with some reaction and scenes. At the end of the day, for the audience it’s like watching one long 20 minute film with hooks. Honestly having Pranay on board as a director made all the difference, his knowledge and understanding as an actor really helped us improve our performances. Working with Dice Media is always fun, the team is very accommodating, and we enjoy a collaborative relationship, which works really well for us.”

Sharing her experience, Actor Shreya Mehta says, “First project of 2021, I’m just super excited about the fact that Janhavi is not bold or loud - a character which I haven’t played before. I can’t wait for our audiences to watch me in such a different zone. For Rohan and me, since this was the first time working together, it just felt right during the reading because the awkwardness between us came through very naturally, making it a win-win for us all. Playing Janhavi was super fun, as she is someone who deals with multiple emotions at the same time. I am sure our viewers will be able to relate to her at some level, and I hope that we can inspire them to find their love story in ways they never thought was possible.”

Talking about his experience, Director Pranay Manchanda said, “Being on the other side of the camera for Firsts was extremely enriching. The most enjoyable part of that process is the shift in perspective that comes with being a director. To be able to see the puzzle being built from a bird's eye gives you a sense of responsibility that as an actor I only feel towards my character. The interesting thing about the ‘Firsts franchise’ is that each episode of each season brings out Firsts that are relatable and unique at the same time. The franchise is becoming braver with every season and is touching upon subjects with sensitivity and research. Queer relationships, a brewing lockdown relationship, and now with an arranged marriage - there is a nuance to the storytelling that is very refreshing. I couldn't be prouder to have directed two seasons of this show.”

Launching 16th January onwards, catch the all new episodes of Firsts Season 4 on Dice Media’s Instagram & Youtube page.

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