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Zee Preview Theatre in Andheri, Mumbai, came to life with the musical legend Bappi Lahiri gracing the occasion alongside the film’s cast and crew.

Based in a small town in Ajmer district, Rajasthan, The Pushkar Lodge is a story of the lost child who wants to go back home. Riddled with drugs, child abuse and murder among other such horrific issues, the film’s trailer successfully projects the dark realities of the world.

Starring Preeti Jhangiani, Pradeep Kabra and Gulshan Pandey in stellar roles, The Pushkar Lodge is a feature drama film inspired by true events and directed by Vijay Suthar and produced by Inder Suthar.

The music is by DJ Bharali and Sufi singer Mudasir Ali lent his voice to one of the songs featured in the film.

Dr. Farhad Vijay Arora, Himanshu Mehta, Chandresh Mehta, Sachin Chaudhary, Vishal Saini, Anil Chahar among others attended the trailer launch.

On being asked whether the film should be declared tax-free, Bappi Lahiri quickly retorted, “Of course”. When media asked for his opinion, “I didn’t just watch it once. I watched it twice. I insisted on viewing it again. It is a real story and I know the place. I have done many shows in Ajmer. The cast and crew of the Pushkar Lodge, especially Preeti have done a commendable job," summed up Bappi Lahiri.

The trailer of the film was launched at the hands of Disco King Bappi Lahiri in the presence of the cast and crew of the film among other guests.

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