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Discovery+ Originals Launches Anti-Hindu, Anti-Sanatan Anti-Sadhu Series 'My Daughter Joins a Cult' exclusively on Discovery+ follows some false incidents related to the life of Kailasha founder Swami Nityananda,

Some chaotic elements sitting in Bharat do not deter their antics, these people keep defaming Bharat and the saints and saints of Bharat in the name of series.

Everyone knows that Swami Nityanand, who became a hindrance in the path of conversion of Hindus, has been a victim of Congress conspiracy. Instead of falling into the trap of Congress, he thought it appropriate to go out of the country. Not only Swami Nityananda, any sage who became an obstacle in the way of conversion of Hindus, he was jailed.

Today in Kerala, West Bengal, Punjab, Hindus are being converted very fast, whoever comes forward to stop it, they are killed. Countless sages of ours have become victims of this campaign. Two sadhus were killed in Palghar because they used to make their Hindu brothers aware in that area. and prevented from converting. Swami Nityananda has also played a big role in stopping conversions in Bharat. That role cannot be ignored due to some false allegations.

Anti-Bharat company cannot create Hindu hatred in the minds of today's emerging Bharat and the people of Bharat. Today's Bharatiya is proud of his Hindu being and his saints.

Anti-Bharat section wants to create an atmosphere of anarchy among Bharatiyas through such series to create a feeling of hatred for hindu culture.

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