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~Latest episodes of the most loved cooking show MasterChef Australia are now releasing only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium ~

Whether it’s a bunch of talented home chefs cooking up a storm, or the most magical weddings at Disney Destinations around the world, Disney+ Hotstar Premium is home to an exciting and diverse set of reality shows that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar Premium, the most loved cooking show MasterChef Australia returned with another sensational season of divine cooking challenges. From Nigella Lawson, Massimo Bottura, Heston Blumenthal among other legendary chefs gracing the MasterChef Kitchen in a single week, to the contestants showcasing their awe-inspiring cooking skills worthy of restaurants, join the grand celebration of food. Enjoy watching new episodes of the world’s most prized cooking show, along with the below mentioned reality shows, only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

MasterChef Australia Season 13

Top Australian chefs judge passionate home cooks who participate in competitive culinary challenges to develop their cooking skills and win the title. Among the top 24 contestants, here are a few home chefs to watch out for in this new season - Delhi-born Depinder who has been wowing the judges with her cooking, youth pastor Justin Narayan, who hopes to support children living in the slums of India through his cooking, mum of two Kishwar Chowdhury who aspires to capture her Bengali heritage in a cookbook. As new episodes release only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium, judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen set all new challenges for the aspiring culinary stars in the MasterChef kitchen.

Junior MasterChef Australia

Jack Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong, and Andy Allen return to the MasterChef kitchen to celebrate Australia’s youngest and brightest cooks. Fourteen little chefs-in-the-making, handpicked from among 2000 aspiring young cooks, whip up a storm as they hit the kitchen of their dreams. Catch Junior MasterChef Australia Season 3, featuring exciting new elements like the Immunity Gong, only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

Catch celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay travelling to some of the most incredible and remote locations on Earth in search of culinary inspiration, epic adventures, and cultural experiences he will never forget, in this National Geographic series. Whether it's the Icy Alaska, the remote Tasmania or the rainforests of Guyana, travel the world from the safety of your homes and catch a glimpse of exquisite cuisines in Season 1 and 2 of Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, available only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

The Big Fib

Ever thought you could spot a fib better than a kid? Find out on The Big Fib. A game show on Disney+ Hotstar Premium with kid contestants, hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and featuring Rhys Darby as her robot sidekick, C.L.I.V.E. In each episode of this comedy game show, a kid starts by playing a warm-up round where a silly liar and an authentic expert share fabulous fibs and fun facts. Starring up and coming comedic talent, this round is played for laughs as well as always having a nugget of real information about the topic be it ice-cream, tree climbing or toy design. Next, the kid contestant plays the main round where they question an expert who’s paired with a really good liar on the same topic. It’s up to our kid to find the fibber. There are visual clues, fascinating props, a hot seat round of rapid-fire questions and various topics, including jellyfish, venom and killer plants. The show culminates with the expert and liar standing under the Fib Foam machine to await their fate. If the kid chooses correctly, the liar gets foamed. The Big Fib is full of outrageous truths that sound like lies and audacious lies that sound like the truth.

Own The Room

Five students from disparate corners of the planet take their big ideas to Macau, host of one of the most prestigious entrepreneurship competitions in the world, the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. Santosh is from a small farming town in Nepal; Alondra works the register at her family’s bakery in Puerto Rico; Henry is a programming wiz from Nairobi; Jason is a marketing machine from Greece; and Daniela is an immigrant escaping the crisis in Venezuela, taking on the chemical industry from her lab at NYU. They’ve each overcome immense obstacles in pursuit of their dreams, from hurricanes to poverty to civil unrest. Their ideas have already changed their own lives, but are they ready to change the world? Catch the film Own the Room only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

Fairy Tale Weddings

Couples, surprise musical performances, unexpected appearances, captivating celebrations, and of course, lots of Disney magic - catch all and much more in Season 1 and 2 of the Fairy Tale Weddings only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium. From epic hidden camera engagements to romantic fairy tale weddings, each episode will showcase enchanting stories and spectacular settings from Disney destinations around the globe. Hosted by real-life couple Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker , the series goes inside the intimate plans of each couple as they celebrate their unique love stories with the help of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons.

Shop Class

A new competition series featuring teams of young builders, who are tasked with designing, building, and testing unique creations. In each episode, a panel of experts will evaluate and test their work based on design creativity, and build functionality. In the finale episode, one team will be named Shop Class Champs. Catch all 8 episodes of the informative and exciting Shop Class only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

Catch all these reality shows and many more exciting international titles only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium

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