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Mumbai – BabyChakra, India’s largest parenting digital platform in its latest report shares the growing trend of #EqualParenting in India. Millennial parents are absolute hands-on fathers and immensely conscious of their involvement in parenting and supporting their spouse. With the inspiring statistics on #EqualParenting, this Father’s Day, let’s applaud the new fathers who have and are changing the dynamics of parenting.

According to the recent report by BabyChakra which involved 15,000 new-age fathers, nearly 30% Dads have started supporting their spouse in resuming their career post baby.

Unlike earlier, where fathers usually maintained the family’s finances and needs; today’s mothers are educated, thriving in their career and contributing equally in family finances and planning. Fathers too have started to negotiate their leaves and nearly 40% Dads accommodate their child’s schedules out of choice and not compulsion. With the increasing trend of fathers participating in routine baby chores and assisting mothers, new-age parenting is evolving into equal households & equal parenting roles.

Studying the community interaction of Moms and Dads on BabyChakra, statistics reveal that almost 36% Dads take responsibility of vaccinations; 20% Dads change diapers and clean babies; 30% Dads disregard gender biased roles; 40% Dads drop kids to their schools and almost 60% Dads play with their children. Interesting findings also include 29% Dads who quit smoking & drinking, while 70% Dads decided to spend more time at home with their family.

From raising queries regarding their pregnancy and spouse’s diet, health and nutrition to discussing requirements of a young baby’s meals, wellbeing and developmental activities, fathers now are better equipped and informed while parenting.

Cheering figures include 35% Fathers who take their kids to birthday parties; 35% Dads attend PTMs and Out of the dads we have reached 70% Dads have become patient and responsible after having a baby. Taking up the father’s role as an equal, and assisting spouse while mother manages home, work and the baby, new fathers are wearing their hearts on their sleeves and thoroughly enjoying the new responsibilities. Due to the stereotype image of fathers, even if he is trying to be an Equal parent he is often named as babysitters, unlike mothers for whom parenting is regarded as their fortune.

Ms. Naiyya Saggi, Founder and CEO of BabyChakra comments, “At BabyChakra, we witness nearly two million parents sharing their experiences within our Moms-Dads community. Their interactions reveal astounding yet comforting figures which show today’s parents garbing their roles equally. We value the efforts of millennial fathers, and this Father’s Day, appreciate them for the role models they have become for the generations to come.”

From altering their lifestyles, overcoming challenges, seeking expert help to supporting their spouse, new fathers are becoming #EqualParents and are inspiring the aspiring ones too.


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