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MiniTV announces its collaboration with Bharat’s leading digital entertainment company, Pocket Aces, with Adulting Season 3. Stories of friendship deserve never ending love. Adulting is one such experience. The first two seasons of the series have been successful, got much love from the audience for its gripping plot and performances. Once again, Nikhat (Aisha Ahmed) and Ray (Yashaswini Dayama) are back in this new season of Adulting and have surprises up their sleeves. This time, the best friends and roommates start a new journey filled with adventures, troubles, excitement, and tension. As the season 3 premieres today on miniTV on Amazon shopping app, November 12, 2021, here’s a quick recap of the two earlier seasons to refresh your memory before you tune in to the third installment:

Nikhat and Ray’s friendship: Ray and Nikhat are two friends who not share the same apartment but also are by each other’s side while dealing with their personal and professional struggles. The bond between the two only becomes stronger with time. They have been with each other in all the good and worst of their lives. This beautiful bond of love is something we look forward to, such purity definitely gives us #frienshipgoals.

Manav’s relationship with the girls: Viraj Ghelani aka Manav is Nikhat’s office bestie and Ray’s hangout partner. Manav supports both of them in their every move. In the series he is shown helping Nikhat to build her relationship with her office colleagues. On the other side, he is seen motivating Ray to live her best life. Manav is yet another important cog in Nikhat and Ray’s wheel of life.

Ray’s over-the-top drama: Ray, played by Yashaswini Dayama is a sweet, soft-hearted person, who amid the struggles of living her life peacefully, tries to find happiness in the smallest things. She makes us both cry and smile, and is one of the most entertaining characters shown in the series. Her acting and dialogues are filled with lots of drama, sprinkled with emotions.

Slice of life summarised: The first season will take you through an interesting journey of these two young women (Ray and Nikhat) juggling their responsibilities and learning to become independent adults amidst the hustle and bustle of their lives in a city like Mumbai. The second season dives into new adventures that come with its own ups and downs in Ray and Nikhat’s lives. It witnesses this quirky duo adulting their way through higher tides while breaking the ice with difficult bosses, exploring non-committal relationships, guiding their parents, and more. Yes, they do it all while having each other’s back!

Don't miss what Nikhat and Ray are upto this time. To catch up on their life, stream Adulting season 3 on Amazon MiniTV!

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