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Falling in love is one of the most overwhelming feelings that one can experience. Celebrating this heartfelt emotion in an all-new way, Day One in association with KASYAP, releases the latter’s new love song, ‘Dil Ne’. The single is peppy, fun and makes you feel love in the ways that your heart starts racing faster, your stomach flutters, you smile more than ever... much like the way it happened the first time you met your soulmate.

Dil Ne is an upbeat and unique fusion of Pop, Bollywood and RnB genres with a lot of soul and energy that will bring a smile to your face and also make you groove. Written and composed by KASYAP himself, the multi-talented artist also features in the music video. He plays himself on screen. It is a story about a musician (KASYAP) and a makeup artist, who meet each other on the set for the first time and in the course of time fall head over heels for each other. The song is a mix of Hindi and English lyrics and brings in a sense of 2010’s dance nostalgia with a hint of 2022 euphoric pop sounds.

Young and gifted KASYAP, 21, is inspiring countless young musicians around the country with his work. He recently made his Hollywood debut with the single ‘Start The Machine’, which was featured in Marvel’s hit movie Spider-Man: No Way Home. His first debut single, khoya sa also secured top spots on the Spotify India Viral Charts.

Talking about the song, KASYAP said, “It was great working on ‘Dil Ne’. Day One has been a great support and help. We actually had another track locked in for the release but it wasn’t the song I was feeling at the moment so I wrote and composed ‘Dil Ne’ in two days. Dil Ne was exactly how I wanted my second single to sound — euphoric, energetic and happy. The song went through many twists and turns but the end result makes everything worth it! I really hope everyone enjoys listening to the track and feel the love all over again. This song came from the heart, and here’s hoping it touches as many hearts as possible.”

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