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Mumbai – Ranjangaon-based Fiat India Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. (FIAPL), a world class manufacturing joint venture of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) India with Tata Motors Ltd. (TML), has resumed operations at its plant.

FIAPL’s management has developed and implemented a comprehensive program of enhanced safety measures to protect over 3000 direct and indirect employees, their families and surrounding communities from the spread and transmission of COVID-19.

FIAPL, which manufactures passenger vehicles and powertrains in its sprawling, state of the art facility, has implemented layers of protection including cleaning, disinfecting and social distancing, but most importantly, ensuring the wellness of everyone entering the Ranjangaon facility.

With that in mind, FIAPL employees, as well as all visitors, are required to complete a Daily Health Declaration, which consists of:

~ To have their temperature taken when entering and exiting the facility, as well as before boarding and disembarking transport ~ Completing a self-assessment questionnaire, submitted digitally

A critical component to the restart of operations has been the education of the workforce on COVID-19 and its effects, the importance of maintaining physical distance as well as regularly disinfecting and sanitizing the entire facility. To further ensure employee protection, FIAPL is providing effective medical support both in and outside of the facility, ensuring mandatory usage of PPE inside the facility and observing a proactive behavioral culture. Comprehensive signage, information boards and a dedicated ambulance equipped with a ventilator and trained driver have also been appointed.

FIAPL has set up a dedicated 50-member task force of employee volunteers or ‘process owners’ who will supervise the following of strict precautionary processes set by the plant’s management to safeguard its work force inside the facility and also after working hours.

Commenting on the health, hygiene and safety measures, Ravi Gogia – President, FIAPL said, “We have restarted operations with a lean workforce. Our absolute priority is the protection of employees, ensuring we provide them with a work environment that maintains the highest standards of safety, health and hygiene. Our responsibility is to also educate them on a regimen they should follow after work hours so that their families are also protected.

“We have also activated our supply chain which is vital to ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Our aim is to gradually step-up with assured supplies and a careful increase in the density of our working population. We hope to reach a regular production schedule as the value chain becomes seamless and it’s safe to do so,” said Mr. Gogia.

FIAPL will continue to monitor and audit conditions at all facilities, as well as the latest information on COVID-19 from Government and civic authorities, to implement new safeguards and procedures as required.


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