1. What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness means the world to me. When I was kid, I was very weak. I used to be very sick, very frequently. In my growing up years, people often made fun of me and that was the time when I made a resolution to myself that I will never be weak. Since then, fitness has been like oxygen to me.

2. What is your fitness mantra?

My fitness mantra is – Discipline. If you indulge in fitness activities regularly, you don’t need to do hours of exercising. I can still wear the same pants and jeans that I was wearing years ago, just because of the fitness discipline that I have observed over the years.

3. How do you keep a healthy balance between your mind and body?

For me, what works is Yoga. I don’t do yoga everyday but I make sure I do it at least 4 times a week. It definitely helps me strike the right balance between my physical and mental fitness.

4. Do your roles demand for you to stay fit and have a perfect body?

I have played the role of Mahadev 8 times on different platforms. That requires me to be bare-body, upper torso. Hence, to flaunt that, you need to have a proper physique. I don’t make it overly muscular but I make it look athletic and aesthetic.

5. Following your demanding and hectic routine, how do you manage to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

It is the most challenging thing to manage fitness routine amidst shoots. We are supposed to commit almost 12 hours of shooting and minimum 2 hours of commuting every day. For this reason, I have found a few exercises that take very little time but give maximum result. So, I keep practicing them while shooting for Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama. Most importantly, I walk a lot whenever I get time.

6. Any quick healthy snack that you rely on during your busy days?

I carry boiled eggs, sprouts, tomato and Onion with me. Mix these things along with a little lemon juice and rock salt, and you have a very delicious snack with you. Apart from this, there is also a lovely way of making a chutney. Blend some avocado, tomato and onions with a bit of lemon juice and rock salt. It tastes absolutely delicious.

7. One food item that you simply cannot resist ?

I‘m a foodie and to name one food item will be a little difficult. However, I love fruits and I make sure I eat at least 4-5 different fruits in a day. Apart from that, I am very fond of lassi and curd but I consume them earlier in the day.