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1. This is your first show on Sony SAB. How does it feel to be a part of the Sony SAB’s family?

It is the first time I am working with Sony SAB and I am glad to be working on a project like Funhit Mein Jaari, not only because of the immensely talented cast but also the fact that this is the first time that I have stepped into the comedy genre. I am grateful to have received the opportunity to experiment.

2. What made you be a part of this show?

The reasons were Bharti and Haarsh. I got a chance to work with my friends and work never felt like work with them. We all had a blast while shooting. Adding to this was the fact that I never got a chance to try my hands on comedy. I have worked in fiction and non-fiction before but this was an unmarked territory for me and I’ve been waiting for such an opportunity. I am thankful for Haarsh and Bharti for entrusting me with this show.

3. Were you skeptical about shooting in these challenging times?

During this testing phase, this was the first assignment that I took. I was not scared but I knew that things would’ve changed. But when I reached the sets, I wasn’t worried at all as the channel and the production house ensured that the set was equipped with every possible safety measure.

4. What can the viewers expect from Funhit me Jaari and your character?

I play the role of Golu’s (Bharti Singh) mother, who is the one who always saves Golu from the principal of his school. Golu is a naughty kid but the principal is often seen troubling Golu only to get a chance to meet his mother. While this is just one of the gags, Funhit Mein Jaari promises rib-tickling laughter and presents unique topics which are given a hilarious spin. The viewers should expect a weekly dose of stress-buster.

5. What was the most challenging part of working in the comedy genre? How did you overcome the challenge?

Thankfully, the team was extremely supportive and talented and they helped walked me through the journey. The entire cast made it easy for me to learn the nuances of the comedy genre. What needs practice is the quick counter and spontaneous reactions which I need to master.

6. How has your experience been working with Krushna and Bharti?

It has been one of the best experiences for me. I had a chance to work with Bharti and Krushna and they are phenomenal artistes. Be it their spontaneousness, their timing, their improvisation and their mere ability to simply take a gag to the next level. It was so comfortable to work with them, that time used to fly while working. I have learnt so much from them and I wish I get more opportunities to work with them in future. My experience working with Krushna and Bharti is one that I shall always cherish.

7. Any message for the viewers?

For all my fans and viewers of Funhit Mein Jaari, I want to say that this is my debut in the comedy genre and I hope you all accept me in this role too and I hope Golu ki mummy entertains you all.

Keep watching Funhit Mein Jaari, Saturday and Sunday every hour on Sony SAB

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