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Sony SAB’s popular comedy entertainer, Baavle Utaavle, has managed to keep the audience amused with the humorous journey of a curious young couple, Guddu (Paras Arora) and Funty (Shivani Badoni).

The story which is set in a rustic town of MP, brings out several flavors of marriage, family and relationships woven together with love and care. The upcoming episodes will take the audience through a funny undercover investigation along as Funty and the other ladies spying on their husbands.

The women of the family, Funty, Sonu Bhabhi (Mohita Srivastava) and Guddu’s sister, have decided to trick their husbands to check how loyal they are to their wives. With this motive, the ladies decide to go undercover, posing as foreigners looking for help to organize a bachelor party for one of them.

On the other hand, Guddu’s urge to earn money and gift something to Funty, makes him do something suspicious. While the husbands are unaware of the undercover situation, they are going out of their way to help the damsels in distress, ‘the foreigners’, which has in turn enraged the wives.

What will the wives do after learning about their husbands’ deceptive behaviour and lies?

Shivani Badoni, playing the role of Funty said, “I’m overwhelmed by the love and support Baavle Utaavle has been receiving. I want to keep working towards it. The upcoming episodes are going to be very exciting for the viewers as the ladies have now turned into spies to test their husbands. We had a great time shooting for this track together and I enjoyed every bit of it.”

Keep watching Baavle Utaavle every Monday-Friday at 10 pm only on Sony SAB TV.


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