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Gemini (Mithun)

The native of Gemini zodiac is spot answer and quick. These natives with twin emblems are attractive and friendly. His inquisitive tendency and cleverness make him the center of attraction for social functions and party. They are not only good talkers but also good listeners, so that they can learn something and react. Their lives completely rotate back and forth in the need of their conversation.

The talks they attend are not just simple things but information-oriented conversations, for this they always have to keep themselves equipped with the latest information. Relationships are also very important for them. For which, by taking time out of their busy routine, they meet people from different walks of life, so that they can get new friends and they can increase the scope of their friends.

Since twins are their symbol, they also exhibit double behavior. Just like if they are practical, then at the same time they can be imaginary and creative. But most of the time they live in this neighborhood, which part of them will react. They are moody. It is their energy that prevents them from concentrating.

They are full of vitality. Rich in thoughts, enchanting, inconsistent, eccentric, superficial - Gemini is a bundle of contradictions. They know how to deal with everything and can be proficient in any one skill. Natives born in Gemini are versatile and have a wonderful understanding of the subject they choose. However, they may not be interested in this for a long time. For them intelligence is more important than everything else.

At work, they are the most settled ideas. Their reasoned thoughts and new ideas make them an essential part of any team. Their greatest potential is their open thoughts and the art of talking well. The risks in their minds Thoughts filled with thoughts keep coming. But when all these things are related to his career, then his ability to make decisions starts to be questioned and if it is not put to speed quickly, then they start to go awry.

Romance with a Gemini sign can be interesting, adventurous and fun. But the playful, almost careless attitude manages to break many hearts. Affectionate, Gemini people can flirt.

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