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Shri Anil Kumar Lahoti, General Manager, Central Railway reviewed the freight performance of Central Railway in a meeting held at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai on 4.9.2021. CR’s freight performance is best ever not only in terms of million tonnes but also in terms of revenue. The review meeting was attended by Shri B.K. Dadabhoy, Additional General Manager, Mani Jit Singh, Principal Chief Commercial Manager, Shri Mukul Jain, Principal Chief Operations Manager, Divisional Railway Managers of all 5 divisions of Central Railway. Shri A.K. Lahoti stressed on further approaching customers with a fresh perspective. Increasing rail share of existing commodity as well as addition of new commodity in the basket of Central railway was discussed in detail.

Central Railway transported 62.43 million tonnes freight in 2019-20 and transported 62.02 million tonnes freight in 2020-21 during Covid lockdown and unlock. During April- August 2021 Central Railway loaded 29.42 Million Tonnes which is 41.7% more during the same period last year. Central Railway is also ahead of its enhanced target by 1.7%.

“Business Development and Acquisition Plan strategy 2021” of Central Railway was also unveiled by the General Manager who said that Central Railway has mapped the entire commodity basket under its jurisdiction. The Team CR by way of surveying, identifying local products have extensively explored the potential to increase rail co-efficient and added new traffic like Dolomite, fly ash, cotton bale, export of onion and automobile to Bangladesh to railways for reliable and affordable transportation. The General Manager has stressed the need of improving rail share in agricultural commodities, automobile fly-ash and chemicals as railway is a safe, cheap, fast and reliable mode of transport. He exhorted the team to gear up to the challenge of the 67.5 million tonne target during 2021-22. He also appreciated developing of high speed prototype of NMG rake to get the additional traffic of automobiles, which will reduce the transit time. Movement of perishable commodities is monitored at a high level and customers are assured of transit time.

Railways are helping the customers by offering various incentives by tailoring the transport system as per trends. Farmers of produce like Pomegranates from Solapur, Onions, Plantain and other perishables from Bhusaval, Orange and other fruits from Nagpur and Sugar from Pune have got a filip by way of Kisan Rails. While going into details, the General Manager further emphasized to capture more agri-commodity by running more Kisan specials in conventional wagons and in VPUs. During 2021-22 Central railway has run 324 Kisan Rails. Central Railway has earned Rs. 115 Crore revenue from parcel traffic during the current year so far which is the highest by any zone of Indian Railways.

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