Google Headquarters makes a special menu card on Shilpa Shetty Songs

Shilpa Shetty who Is currently in US visited the google Headquarters.The actress was taken by a surprise when the google cafeteria had made special menu on Shilpa Shetty hit songs like Barasja ae badaal rice ,Tum lasooni Dal tadke mein Rehte ho,Kadai chole da karar lootne and many more

The whole menu was designed keeping In mind that Shilpa loves Indian food and Also ingredients like coconut and ghee were used a lot in all dishes as Shilpa always talks about their benefits

Says a source, “While she kicked off the NBA game in Orlando, the best part of her tour has been her visits to the Google and Facebook offices. When she went to the Google headquarters i, she was pleasantly surprised when their cafetaria gave her a menu of her film songs. They had put in a lot of effort. Shilpa was taken on a tour of Google and found it to be a city within a city. She was stunned at the kind of facilities that are offered to the employees there. Shilpa took a yoga class with some Google employees and taught people in FB how to do the Pranayam.”

Also adds the source ,Shilpa spoke in brief about her new digital wellness series and her passion towards fitness

Shilpa Says ,Googles cafeteria did a special menu on my cute is that..such a warm welcome.