Government trying to hide the evidence of Life on Mars?

In what could be the biggest cover up operation ever, it has come to light there has been a global conspiracy to hide the evidence of life on the red planet. It's being said that we have discovered the evidence but what's come to light is so scary and frightening that the world leaders have decided to hide and erase any information pertaining to it ! However, highly placed sources in our government have now revealed that a few days ago, a Mars rover carrying samples from the red planet on its way back to the International Space Station finally attached itself to the mother ship after a life threatening efforts of an engineer aboard, Rory Adams.

After a few rounds of testing, a secret transmission confirmed to NASA, the presence of a biological sample that undeniably guarantees the presence of life outside Earth. Even though NASA recently revealed that the presence of life in a newly discovered -distant solar system was a possibility, the fact that life exists on our neighbouring planet is the biggest news ever and can unlock a million secrets about the Universe. It's now being said that the reason behind the cover up could be that , after a few days of testing, the International Space Station sent a transmission that was apparently a distress call and since then there has been no communication with the ISS. The message from ISS which is a highly kept secret reportedly spoke about the imminent danger to Earth and the fear of life found on Mars. If this is indeed true, this can set up panic and riots in the world since we don't know what we are up against a We all know that space is a dangerous place, but what did the scientists find that is so horrifying that everyone is trying to push a billion dollar project under the rug? If we did discover Life, is it friendly or hostile? And most importantly, are the crew members aboard the International Space Station safe or did this discovery put them in harm's way?

On 24th March we hear, the information will be dispersed that’ll finally shine light on the incident that unfolded aboard the International Space Station.