Joining the Earth Brigade Foundation’s effort to help avert water crisis in wildlife sanctuaries, actor Raveena Tandon Thadani supports Dr.Sarita Subramaniam and Dr.PV Subramaniam and will showcase her wildlife photographs alongside the works of 75 wildlife photographers in the exhibition titled, H2PHOTO at Jehangir Art Gallery from 25th May to 29th May, 2018.

The proceeds from the sale will go towards installing solar pump sets at wildlife sanctuaries to help revive depleting watering holes. Say Dr.Sarita Subramaniam and Dr.PV Subramaniam who have earlier raised funds to provide solar powered pumps to borewells that supply water to the watering holes at Karnataka’s Bandipur Tiger Reserve, “Summer brings with it a dearth of natural watering holes that dry up. The animals stray into human habitat or die of dehydration. Hence, the forest department creates artificial watering holes that need to be filled. The sanctuaries, however, are so large and pose a challenge when it comes to replenishing all of them. As the animals in the forests have their water woes, we are seeking a simpler solar solution.”

The inaugural ceremony of H2PHOTO was graced by Dr.Sarita Subramaniam, Dr.PV Subramaniam, Raveena Tandon, Gracy Singh, Philanthropist Dr.Aneel Murarka, Vastu and Numerologist Basannt R Rasiwasia, Kavitta Verma, Abha Singh, Poonam Soni among many others. The exhibition will be on at Jehangir Art Gallery till 29th May.

Adds actor Raveena Tandon Thadani, “Wildlife is my passion and capturing moments on camera is sheer thrill. The excitement and love for the forest and to conserve what we have on our beautiful planet with it’s beautiful creatures, which man is slowly destroying, is what draws me to suppport and take up initiatives like Project Aquarius.”

Raveena is all for Earth Brigade Foundation’s effort to replenish water holes and lauds the initiative of Dr.Sarita Subramaniam and Dr.PV Subramaniam. “Conservation is absolutely the need of the hour as a lot of species are already extinct and we are on the verge of losing many more of these beautiful beasts to the war between man and animal. By destroying forests we are destroying the very base of mankind’s existence, as we are upsetting the whole ecological cycle. Every creature was put on this planet for a reason and human beings need to fulfill their purpose of existence by saving Mother Earth. We are in reality actually saving ourselves!”

Avers Dr.Sarita Sumramaniam, “We felt touched by Raveena’s spontaneous gesture and extending her support for the cause. In fact, the moment we spoke of this initiative, over a 100 wildlife photographers graciously gave us their works. We had to use only around 75 as we have space constraints at the gallery. Today, we feel all the more excited to come up with a second leg to save other wildlife sanctuaries.”