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Kriti Sanon, an award-winning actor, a passionate animal lover and a pet parent joins Heads Up For Tails – Bharat’s largest and most trusted pet care destination, as Brand Ambassador. Furthers the Brand’s commitment to supporting pet parents in giving the best lives to their pets, while also helping street animals through the HUFT Foundation.

Speaking about her association with Heads Up For Tails, Actor and pet parent, Kriti Sanon says, “I am a pet parent, and I have always wanted to do more for animals around me. Today, I am very proud to join Heads Up For Tails as a brand ambassador. I believe that pets are family, and they deserve the best. I am very excited to partner with HUFT as they support millions of pet parents across the country by becoming their go-to destination. I am also very inspired by the HUFT Foundation's mission of bringing food, health, shelter and safety to street animals, and I look forward to doing meaningful work with our shared communities. ”

As a purpose-driven brand and a market leader in the pet care segment, Heads Up For Tails uses its influence and commerce strength to fuel the social impact initiatives under the HUFT Foundation. Everytime someone buys any HUFT product from the website or retail stores, a proceeding of that goes towards the welfare of street animals.

Commenting on the association, Rashi Narang, Founder, Heads Up For Tails, said,

“We welcome Ms Kriti Sanon as our brand ambassador. She is an award winning actor, a passionate animal lover and a pet parent. Kriti has always trusted HUFT for everything her pets need. Together, we have started on a phenomenal journey to reach and influence millions of pet households across the country. Kriti is also deeply committed to the foundation and our mission to help remove hunger and provide health, safety & shelter for street animals. She was a HUFT customer for many years, and during that time, the brand got sharp inputs from Kriti on products and values. This strengthened the conviction that the brand had in choosing her as its brand ambassador.”

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