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The apartment which you purchase must possess positive vibes. To remove the negativity from every corner it is essential to follow certain Vastu tips. Hemang Arunbhai Pandit - Founder, MD & CEO – GaneshaSpeaks, share some of the basic Vastu tips to apply before purchasing an apartment. As per Vastu Shastra, the entrance of the house should face the northeast, east or north direction. Such directions attract success and happiness. The main door must have a greater height as compared to the other rooms. Also, make sure that no garbage or dustbins are placed near the entrance area.

Every apartment should have a kitchen designed according to Vastu because the kitchen depicts the fire element, which brings wealth and prosperity to life. The southeast direction of your apartment is an ideal place for a kitchen. One can also place the gas burner in the south, west or northwest direction of the apartment. According to the Vastu, the bedroom should be positioned in the southwest direction. If your apartment consists of more than one floor, then designing the bedroom on the top level on the southwest side is regarded as fortunate for the family members.

The second most important room is the children's bedroom, which plays an essential part in a child's growth and development. A children's bed should be positioned toward the northeast or northwest. Keep the environment neat, clutter-free, and with no smart gadgets to boost a child's attention and keen intellect. Colours may bring prosperity if they are utilised in the right way, otherwise, they can cause issues if they are used improperly. As per the Vastu, avoid buying apartments which are painted in dark colours as they attract negative energies. On the other hand, light colours like yellow, pink and orange reflect positive energy.

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