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When the going gets tough, the tough definitely get going. An age-old adage that is true especially when it comes to superstar and host par excellence, Salman Khan. With the year 2020 acting as a damper on well-laid plans, acting like a spoiler for emotions and expression, someone had to do something to say ‘enough is enough’. While all of us tried to give 2020 a jawab in our own way, superstar Salman Khan, took it in his stride and played a masterstroke when it came to bidding monotony good-bye!

Locked down in his farm, the grand host of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan refused to take things lying down. During the launch press conference for Bigg Boss, Salman Khan shared just how he spent his time during the lockdown giving 2020 ko jawab

Interestingly enough, in the visuals that followed, everyone saw glimpses of Salman Khan showcasing his multi-talented personality. Salman was seen indulging in one of his favorite hobbies, painting. Cooking up a scrumptious meal, outdoors in complete desi style was quite interesting! Not just that, the superstar also took to farming and is seen planting paddy in the lush fields at his farmhouse. A main chunk of Salman’s jawab to 2020 included charity. He, along with his friends and members of his family were seen loading packets of ration atop trucks and bullock carts to be distributed to the villages near his farmhouse as many have been affected by lack of employment and funds.

With a promise to give a fitting reply to 2020, Salman Khan will return with Bigg Boss and unlock as well as unleash entertainment like never before!

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