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Zee TV’s upcoming offering - Aggar Tum Na Hote, which showcases the extent to which a nurse goes to treat her patient is all set to hit the television sets from 9th Nov. The story revolves around Niyati Mishra (essayed by Simaran Kaur), who is a young, hard-working and dedicated nurse and Abhimanyu Pandey (essayed by Himanshu Soni), who is a charming, rich and seemingly normal young man dealing with mental instability. With the role being a first of its kind for Himanshu, the actor has already taken his first step to ace the various challenges with this character. However, Himanshu’s challenges began much earlier when he had to shed tons of kilos to look absolutely fit. Not many people know, but Himanshu Soni had gained a lot of weight during the lockdown and lost nearly 23 kilos through rigorous workout schedules to get in shape.

It was during last year’s lockdown when the actor had put on weight and landed up in a difficult position where none of his clothes would fit him. It was then when a sudden realization dawned on the actor, and he decided to make every effort to shed all the extra weight.

As shared by Himanshu Soni “During the lockdown I had completely lost track of my diet routine and ended up gaining almost 23 kilos. It’s when I visited Dubai with my wife, I realized that my clothes which I had packed for the trip weren’t fitting in and I was in complete shock. I remember it was last December, I was looking at myself on the mirror and constantly questioning myself for not being careful about my health. That was more like a self-introspection, and thereafter I took almost a week’s time to motivate myself to start working out again.”

Adding more on how he motivated himself, he said “Every day I would stand right in front of the mirror and push myself to start working out because you see in our field it is imperative, we have a healthy and proper physique. It was on the seventh day when I finally came out of my cocoon and started my workout routine. For four months I continued running in the morning and when I finally lost the extra fat is when I joined the gym. And while I was exhausting myself to bed with such workout sessions, I got a call for my new show Aggar Tum Na Hote which motivated me even more. I knew I had to look good on screen for my show and I buckled up my shoes to give my best. Now I only do cardio and gym and I make sure even if I have shooting, I wake up early in the morning and hit the gym sharp at 6am and follow my day’s diet. I feel leading a healthy lifestyle should not be restricted to actors, but everybody. I know we are bound to keep our physique intact but it’s not just about that but having a fit and healthy body.”

Well, it seems like Himanshu has worked really hard and it will be wonderful to now see him in a new avatar. What would be more interesting is to see till what extent will Niyati go to treat Abhimanyu and bring him back to normalcy! 

To know more, stay tuned for Aggar Tum Na Hote, Monday to Friday 10:30pm only on Zee TV

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