Hindi Medium Trailer Launched with Twitter

Brands and films are becoming innovative with their promotions with every passing day. One such fresh example is the film ‘Hindi Medium’.

For the first time in the history of the micro-blogging website Twitter, it has launched the trailer of a Bollywood film- Hindi Medium starring Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar.

The radical and modern approach of the film team in the context of promotions and story-line is impressive.

When asked what the basic idea of this promotion was, Producer Dinesh Vijan says, “I was just done with the predictability of promotions. I wanted to break the repetition and frankly no one really knows exactly how it all translates… Everyone just follows the same pattern. So I figured let’s just chuck all that out.”

But to launch on a social networking site like Twitter?

“I like the concise communication and the brevity of expression exclusive to the Twitter format which is why I thought we should launch our trailer with this platform because the idea of our film is to say something thought-provoking in a simple manner” says Vijan.

Produced by Maddock FIlms and Bhushan Kumar (T Series), Hindi Medium is a hilarious story about the bizarre things a couple does to get their child the best available education in an English medium school in India. The film releases on 12th May 2017


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