~Hosted by Raghav Juyal, HISTORY TV18 brings to you the craziest moments on wheels caught on camera from 25th October 2018, Thurs-Fri 8PM~

Factual entertainment leader HISTORY TV18 is all set to premier a new show featuring some of the funniest, wildest and most unbelievable things that can happen on wheels.

The invention of the wheel is often seen as a pivotal moment in the development of the human race, accelerating travel, commerce, communication and dramatically changing the landscape. However, ever since the first wheels were put in motion, man's inability to pay attention and desire to show off has led to some spectacular and stupid moments. And now, thanks to the Internet, recent wonders of the wheel have been captured in all their glory for everyone to see. From death-defying motorcycle leaps and a hot tub on wheels, to an unstoppable firetruck and a woman towing a car with her hair, will get to see it all. Crazy Wheels has gathered the biggest, best, fastest and stupendously good, and stupid, moments of vehicular madness ever filmed and has put them together in a pacey series that has the ability to both stun you into silence and make you laugh out loud.

Popular host, Raghav Juyal, through his wacky commentary, relives the moments and brings his own brand of witty style to the show. Using his comical timing, he describes what could’ve possibly gone wrong while filming the reference videos that resulted in the maniacal instances being caught on camera.

Avinash Kaul, MD A+E Networks TV18 | COO Network18 said “HISTORY TV18 has always been at the forefront of entertainment, featuring some of the best clutter-breaking content in the genre. Crazy Wheels is a new-age innovative format catering to the ‘screenager’ generation and is in line with our brand promise of continuing to delight and surprise our audiences. ”

Join Raghav on this funny journey and experience the most astonishing, exciting and hilarious things that happen on wheels.

Get ready to witness comic accidents and fails, like never before only on ‘Crazy Wheels’ from 25th October, only on HISTORY TV18