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At least once in our lifetime, we have heard our mothers say “Papa se puch lo” and we would run to our fathers and try to convince him to give in. While this is a normal scenario in the Wagle household and elsewhere, it caught the attention of Maami (Preeti Kochar). Our Maami is no ordinary woman, she is in cognizance with her feelings and knows her worth.

In the upcoming episodes of Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya, our naïve Vandana (Pariva Pranati) had a realization that her kids, Atharva (Sheehan Kapahi) and Sakhi (Chinmayee Salvi) do not wait for her answer and instead are only fixated on asking Rajesh’s (Sumeet Raghavan) permission for everything under the sun.

Before Maami pointed out, Vandana had never realized that there was anything wrong with the situation. Rajesh is their father and naturally, he must have an opinion which they have to obey. But why does she feel like she is not being heard and why didn’t this strike her before? You may call it being a pushover or simply acting ignorant. The Wagle family is quite liberated from other families, Vandana being a modern woman is capable of being self-reliant. Even then, it seems like Vandana has lost her voice in the house and she feels as insignificant as ever.

Post this realization, it dawns upon her that she is the one who has set this unspoken rule in her household. Since time immemorial, she has put the gun on her husband’s shoulder and asked him to be the spokesperson of all important decisions. But now, Vandana decides to take charge and also play an equally dominant role in decision making at home.

Pariva Pranati, who essays the role of Vandana Wagle says, “Wagle Ki Duniya always explores everyday nuisances through their storyline and imparts life lessons on the way. Every topic is so relevant and worth paying attention to without being too pushy. As women, we have been conditioned to be submissive and let go control over decision making in the household and often we ourselves restrict our own voice and give in to patriarchy. While Vandana has this realization, I am sure many women will follow suit and their respective win is what we are all aiming at through this track.”

Will Vandana be able to regain authority in her own house?

Stay tuned to Wagle Ki Duniya - Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey, Monday to Saturday, 9 PM only on Sony SAB

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