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COLORS’ Barrister Babu, with its gripping storyline and exciting characters that enter the lives of Anirudh and Bondita, has always managed to entertain viewers to the fullest. From women’s right to education to menstrual hygiene, the show has shone a light on social evils prevalent in society.

Currently in the show, Anirudh, who has been campaigning for the right to abolish child marriages, will be facing a tough choice. To set a social example, he will have to annul his own marriage as the Brahmo samaj informs him that the child marriage law has finally been banished. Anirudh, who has been like a mentor to Bondita and helped her overcome several obstacles will not have to let her go. Bondita is herself in a conundrum and wonders whether she will have to leave the family that has given her so much love and support.

Talking about the upcoming track, Pravishtn Mishra who plays Anirudh said, “My character Anirudh and Bondita have come a long way and share a very healthy relationship as a mentor and mentee. While Anirudh is aware that he has been actively campaigning for the noble cause of abolishing child marriages, his decision to set an example for society by annulling his own marriage with Bondita will be a tough one to make. He is on the journey of educating Bondita, and his decision to annul the marriage may throw her studies out of balance. This is a very interesting premise wherein a person, who has been advocating something, has to make a sacrifice himself to set an example for the greater good. I am sure the viewers will be quite intrigued on how Anirudh will meet this challenge and make the right decision.”

Watch Barrister Babu, Monday to Saturday at 8.30 pm only on COLORS


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