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Thane - Amid the CoronaVirus Pandemic, in times of despair, a ray of hope strikes into a humble home at Thane district’s Diva area in Maharashtra. Mr. Rajkant Patil, a trader and small business owner wins the Dear Lotteries Baisakhi Bumper 2021 Draw with a whopping cash prize of 5 crore INR. Every individual has a dream for which they constantly strive and work hard but yet feel that they don’t achieve what they truly deserve. Especially since the past year, with negative news everywhere, the fear of ones own wellbeing and for some even the insecurity of being able to make ends meet has been almost traumatic. In times like these, Dear Lotteries brings in a fun way to rekindle some faith, some positivity in people and give them something to look forward to.

With the commencement of this pandemic, as the world shifted to shopping online and having daily essentials delivered at their doorstep, Dear Lotteries also announced that they will adapt to this new lifestyle by delivering lottery tickets to their customers at home. This move invited several participants as the process of participating and standing a chance to win exciting cash prizes became easy and hassle-free. Mr. Rajkant Patil, who lives in Diva, Thane near Mumbai, Maharashtra with his wife, his mother and two children was thrilled when he received the good news. “I had contracted the virus and was actually admitted at a hospital for treatment. After recovering, when I returned home, I received a message from Dear Lotteries asking me to get in touch with them. For some reason, I was nervous and confused because I had been sick this whole time and I had no idea about what to expect. But when I called, they said ‘Hi Mr. Patil. You are on conference with 25 people from the Dear Lotteries team and we want to congratulate you for winning 5 crores’. Wow, those words still ring in my head and give me goosebumps.” Said an ecstatic Mr. Patil on winning the Dear Lotteries Baisakhi Bumper 2021.

The cost of these lottery tickets begins with an amount as low as 6 rupees. This is done in order to ensure that anyone and everyone can participate. In times like these, such as the pandemic, where people have lost jobs, had pay-cuts, its hard to find hope and feel motivated. Dear Lotteries aims to give people a little something to look forward to and keep them going by entertaining them and in that process changing a few lives. “Everyone works hard but its not always that this hard-work pays off. Sometimes, we need to take a chance with luck.” Said Mr. Patil who will invest his winning amount further into his business to expand it and do better work.

“It gives us immense happiness; the simple fact that we can help people achieve their goals, realise their dreams. We hope that we can continue to add value to many more

lives like these. “ said Mr. Jose Charles Martin, Managing Director M&C. DEAR Lottery is a leading player in the lottery industry of Bharat, with a turnover of over 2 Billion USD. DEAR Lottery has developed a vast network of dealers, stockists and agents across different lottery-playing states in Bharat, wherever lottery sale is permissible. It has retained its leadership position in the business through innovations and continual market research within the field of lotteries. The credibility and trust that the millions of lottery playing public reposed in DEAR Lottery is unrivalled. Since 2001 DEAR Lottery has been a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA). In 2009, WLA had granted accreditation to DEAR Lottery for meeting the criteria for achieving the Level 1 of the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework.

About Dear Lotteries : Since its inception in 1991 DEAR Lottery has been growing at a fast pace in the distribution of traditional paper lotteries of various State Governments. This has been possible due to the company's acumen for competitive bidding, aggressive marketing and efficient lottery operations across many States in Bharat, with an energetic attitude towards growth. DEAR Lottery was the first lottery company in India to facilitate the Live telecast of the draws on TV, conducted by various governments, for lotteries distributed through them. This brought in more trust, credibility and transparency to the trade and the company's reputation also increased manifold. DEAR Lottery is known for offering best schemes for players and committed to quality and efficiency and have an outstanding execution, strong relationships and market presence in the Bharatiya lottery market.The company's growth is powered by a strong team of 1000 plus professionals working in different areas of lottery operations and marketing. DEAR Lottery has made considerable investment in technology and has built a team of 50-plus software engineers and technology professionals in its gaming technology division. This strong and committed team has positioned and consolidated DEAR Lottery as the number one Lottery Company in India. DEAR Lottery is a member of Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA).

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