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1. How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB?

It feels fantastic to be associated with Sony SAB and having an opportunity of playing the strong-headed character of Aditi Jammwal on television allows me to explore more as an artist. I am enjoying this character as it has different shades, and it is a learning curve for me. It helps me delve into my skills more, and I don't think I could have asked for anything better.

2. What made you accept this role in Hero-Gayab Mode On?

When I learnt about the show and its storyline, I was surprised and very excited. I consider this a rare opportunity as this role is helping me experiment and get hands-on experience of portraying a cop on television. Since childhood, I have always wanted to portray a strong police officer, so this is my childhood wish coming true, and I am very delighted.

3. Tell us something about your character, ASP Aditi Jammwal.

Aditi is fearless, courageous and a tough police officer. I think what makes this character unique is the way she approaches things in life. With Aditi, I am learning something new each day, and I am looking forward to this journey ahead with her.

4. How does it feel to be portraying the character of a police inspector for the first time on-screen?

The experience of portraying a police inspector on-screen has been amazing. I could instantly connect with the character after donning my uniform. I also had to practice the minute nuances that make Aditi the cop she is. Playing a cop has taught me to be more disciplined, and this role has inspired me to become a fitter person than before.

5. Have you sought any inspiration for this character?

For Aditi, I have sought inspiration from Priyanka Chopra as she has essayed many powerful roles, and the cop characters have struck a right chord with the audience. I have learnt about the nuances and the body language as it is very important to get that right.

6. How has the experience been shooting with the cast and crew of the show?

The experience of shooting with my new team on-set has been superb, and we're like a family now. There is so much positivity, everybody enjoys their work and are very dedicated. They are very supportive, and we are getting to know each other more with time. We share a great bonding and have a fantastic time shooting for the show.

7. How is your rapport with Abhishek Nigam while shooting for the show?

Abhishek is a great friend, and I have known him for seven to eight years now. He was very welcoming, and it was lovely meeting him again. Working with Abhishek is effortless, and the rapport we share is terrific. He is very hardworking, sincere and committed to his work. He brings positive energy on the set, we share an unmatched comfort level, and it's very easy to perform scenes with him.

8. Any message for your fans/viewers?

I consider my fans as my family, and I'm really thankful to them for accepting Aditi with open arms. Their love and support makes me work harder, and I can promise that the upcoming episodes on Hero – Gayab Mode On will be exhilarating and dhamakedaar. So, stay tuned, and join us on this fascinating journey ahead.

Keep watching Tunisha Sharma as Aditi Jammwal in Hero-Gayab Mode On every Monday to Friday at 07:30 pm on Sony SAB

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