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How does it feel to be associated with Shubh Laabh and Sony SAB? What attracted you to accept this show?

I was always excited to do a show on Sony SAB, and when I got an opportunity to be a part of this beautiful team, I couldn’t say a ‘No’. The concept of our show, Shubh Laabh- Aapkey Ghar Mein, is edgy, transforming, inspiring and I feel blessed to be portraying the divine character of Maa Laxmi. Having the opportunity to play a character with such different and unique shades on television is rare, and I am fortunate that the team bestowed their trust in me and here I am, playing the character of divine Maa Laxmi.

Tell us something about your character, Laxmi. What do you think makes your character stand out?

The character of Maa Laxmi in the show is very different from what the audience has witnessed in the shows before and I believe this makes my character stand out. I think our viewers will enjoy watching this beautifully crafted story, and through this show, we are trying to entertain and at the same time, guide people to work towards believing in themselves and achieving their dreams in life

How have you been specially preparing to bring your character to life?

As an actor, it’s the most challenging character for me so far, as the character of Maa Laxmi in this show is a little different from what people have always watched on television or in films. I keep reminding myself about the nature of my character and in a way, I prepare myself every day. It is important that I must strike a balance, keeping it very natural yet a little controlled and never cross the thin line between the two. I believe every day is great learning, so this character is teaching me something new each day.

What are your thoughts on the concept of the show?

The concept of the show is exceptional, and I haven’t watched anything like this on Bharatiya television before. The show has a fantastic cast and shooting with such talented people and a beautiful script makes it more special. The show is a great blend of the divine and reality. Through Savita journey and Maa Laxmi’s intervention, the viewers will be enlightened. I am sure the show will help many realise the importance of self-belief and resilience.

You have some talented co-actors like Geetanjali Tikekar and Nasirr Khan, how has been your experience working with them?

I am immensely fortunate to have the best team and co-stars to work with. I feel it is important to have a cast you get along with and where the energies match as it helps to deliver our best work. The vibe of the set and equation among us is terrific. I am learning something new every day from them, be it from Nasirr ji or Geetanjali ji. I share a great rapport with the cast and enjoy working with them.

According to you, what are the key rules to be followed while attaining self-transformation?

I believe a positive mind and believing in yourself are the key factors to the road of self-transformation. The thoughts we have at the beginning of our day matters the most. According to me, self-transformation is not just limited to outer appearance, it also involves being happy from within. The key factors for self-transformation are self-belief, clarity of goals, self-confidence, internal assessment of strengths and weaknesses and above all a good mentor. A mentor is needed, someone who guides you throughout the process and cheers you when you are pacing closer to your goal and thereafter.

A mantra you believe in or swear by?

The most important mantra I believe in is positivity. A positive mindset, and a positive approach towards life is what I follow in life. I don’t like keeping negative feelings in my heart and sulking about it, instead I believe in clearing out in whatever way necessary and moving on in my life.

A message to your fans and viewers that you’d like them to imbibe through this show.

I want my fans and viewers to watch the show for its wonderful concept and the journey it is taking the viewers on. It is a teamwork and we have worked hard for this, so I just want to tell my fans that it is an effort by Sony SAB, makers of the show and the artists to bring something new for our audience. So, I hope our audiences will keep loving us and showering us with loads of love.

Keep watching Shubh Laabh- Aapkey Ghar Mein, every Monday to Friday at 09:30 pm on Sony SAB

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