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~ Renowned singer Kumar Sanu will be seen as a special guest on Zee Comedy Show this weekend ~

Even as the pandemic continues to cast its shadow of stress, Zee TV is attempting to lighten up the country's collective mood by offering its viewers an escape from all the stress via the route of rib-tickling comedy through its popular reality show, Zee Comedy Show. While the show has helped every Bharatiya family unwind on their couch with some of Bharat's top comedians making them LOL their stress away, this weekend, we will see ace singer Kumar Sanu appear on the show as a special guest. While the musician entertained us with his mesmerising songs, he also shared some interesting stories and spicy anecdotes during the shoot. While the singer will make everyone nostalgic about the 90s, it will be the ten comedians of Zee Comedy Show who will come together as Team Hasaayenge to make each one of us laugh out loud!

While the hilarious acts put up by all the comedians coupled with the witty reactions and comments of our Laughing Buddha Farah Khan left everyone in splits during the shoot, it was Kumar Sanu’s spicy revelation that left everyone surprised. After some really entertaining acts, Dr Sanket Bhosale in his Sanjay Dutt avatar took over the stage and kickstarted his Baba Ka DarBar chat show with Kumar Sanu as his special guest. He made the singer spill out some interesting anecdotes, but it was when he asked Kumar Sanu about his opinion on remixes of songs, the singer grabbed everyone's attention.

Kumar Sanu revealed, “I feel remixes are great, I really like them. In fact, remixes and recreations have been happening for a long time now and I feel our songs are being much more appreciated now. If they are being remixed it means they are good enough to be considered to be made again. I think that via remixes of some songs, the younger generation who didn't know who sang these songs or never heard these evergreen songs, are getting to know and hear them. I remember Honey Singh added the Honey Singh-style to 'Dheere Dheere Se meri Zindagi Aana' and I saw how some people didn't appreciate it.  But I really liked it and I feel remixes are key for youngsters to resonate with our golden hits. This way they will get to know who actually sang these songs.

Having said that, I feel remixes with the original singers who sang those songs, if they are still alive, should be considered and I would appreciate it more.”

While Kumar Sanu’s candid confession will surely grab your attention, you cannot miss the comic acts by all the artistes of Zee Comedy Show during this weekend’s episode.

To have a hearty laugh and drive away your stress, tune in to Zee Comedy Show this Saturday and Sunday at 10 PM, only on Zee TV


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