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~ Catch all the excitement on Dice Media’s YouTube channel with this finale season ~

Digital content has evolved over time and the rise of OTT has seen a huge wave of women centric scripts and characters. Dice Media has successfully created an array of shows like “Little Things”, “Clutch”, “Please Find Attached”, “What The Folks'' that portray women in a strong light. After nearly three years and three successful seasons, Dice Media has finally arrived with the finale season of its much loved family drama series “What The Folks!”. Eisha Chopra who plays the role of Anita in the series is undoubtedly one of the most loved and well written characters of the show, no wonder fans and young girls drive inspiration from characters like Anita, a bold and unconventional woman, a feminist who believes in striking a balance in her professional and personal life. Furthermore, she does not believe in people’s opinion of her and is the perfect representation of the modern-day women of today. The character continues to inspire young women to play the lead role in their own lives and be nothing less than themselves.

Heading towards the last episode of the season finale, Eisha Chopra says, “Anita’s character has inspired many young girls and I keep getting messages on how they look up to Anita as an inspiration. It is important for me as an actor to portray such roles that inspire young women who aim to be independent and are not afraid to speak their minds. I believe we need more such representation of female leads who are just as liberated in mainstream content as well. Anita is a very special character for me and I truly resonate with her ability to make her own decisions and be unapologetically herself.”

Apart from playing Anita in “What The Folks!” Eisha Chopra has previously portrayed strong independent female characters in movies like Neerja, Popcorn and Parchai and has continued to be a constant motivation for young girls. “What The Folks!” is based on modern-day relationships and revolves around a young married couple, Anita and Nikhil as they try to balance work and family commitments together. Today, as we gradually approach the end and bid goodbye to the very loved Sharma’s and Solanki’s, we hope that each character continues to live on in every one of us.

Catch the season finale of “What The Folks!” Season 4 on Dice Media’s Youtube channel.

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