Ever since the show launched in January last year, Zee TV’s show - Teri Meri Ikk Jindri has been a hit with the masses, presenting a unique love story of two starkly different personalities - Mahi (Amandeep Sidhu) and Jogi (Adhvik Mahajan). While Mahi is seen as a contemporary Amritsari kudi with an undying spirit and determination to follow her dreams while managing her family responsibilities, Jogi’s unique style and carefree nature has also influenced many young boys across Bharat. In fact, most of the kids watching the show along with their family have seemed to be inspired by Jogi’s stylish on-screen appearance. Along with his vibrant clothes, Jogi’s quirky style of wearing shoes of two different colors on his left and right feet has also become a trend amongst kids who are quite a fan of the character and the actor too. While they continue to seek inspiration from their style icon, Adhvik Mahajan is quite overwhelmed seeing the response coming in from his fans.

Sharing his thoughts, Adhvik shared “Ever since this show started, I have been frequently receiving messages from my fans who are enjoying watching Jogi on-screen. Very recently, some of my fans across different cities also happened to send me photos of some kids who were dressed exactly like my look from the show. When I saw those kids, my instant reaction to it was, ‘Oh Wow!’, I knew there were families who were really enjoying the character and the show, but I had no idea that Jogi would become a style icon for these kids, especially since his style is very different and unique. His carefree nature is not just limited to his personality but extends to his sense of fashion as well, especially his vibrant pair of shoes of two different colors. At first, I wasn’t sure how the audience would react to it and if they would take it positively but seeing these kids, I am confident that Jogi's quirky style has connected with people out there. Its honestly overwhelming to see the love pouring in various ways from our viewers, and when one gets that, nothing else matters”.

In the upcoming track of the show, Jogi is seen enjoying all the love and attention coming from his wife, Mahi. After quite some time, all seems to be well in their world, but a new drama is set to unfold in Mahi’s life as Pappu ji and Chanda devise evil conspiracies against her mother. Will Mahi be able to save her from all of this?

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