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1) How does it feel to be in Sony SAB's Ziddi Dil - Maane Na?

To be a part of this show is a dream come true moment for me. When I was approached for this character, I was speechless, and I think I couldn't have asked for anything better. Every actor dreams of portraying an army based character on-screen, and I feel privileged to have bagged this opportunity at such an early stage in my career. It feels great to be associated with Sony SAB and be a part of this fantastic journey ahead.

2) What makes your character stand out? What are you enjoying the most about the character?

Faizi as a character is very real and natural. I think viewers from all age groups will be able to relate to him. One quality that makes him stand out is his innocence. He is very naive, unlike other Special Agents in the camp who are quite strict. Faizi believes in making things work out easily, which makes me relate to the character.

3) How has been your experience shooting for the show so far?

The experience of shooting with the cast of Ziddi Dil – Maane Na has been terrific. We are like a family now and share a great bonding with each other. Shaalien and I have worked together, and it feels great to be shooting with him again. The energy on the set is very positive, and we have a fantastic time shooting. We enjoy portraying our characters and promise to deliver some remarkable work.

4) The show promises romance set against the backdrop of a Special Action Force Unit. Tell us more about it.

Ziddi Dil is a youthful show with a beautiful romantic angle that revolves around an ensemble of characters - a young team of trained and civilian volunteers who meet at the Parakram SAF (Spl. Action Force) Base Camp in search of fulfilling their aspirations. The show promises a fresh perspective with a very different outlook towards life. Ziddi Dil's young cadets will further explore budding romantic relationships while figuring out a way to survive in the camp.

5) Faizi, as a character, is not serious about commitment in a relationship. What according to you is the true meaning of romance?

I am a very old school person, and I believe that the true meaning of romance is to be loyal to your partner and spend quality time with them. In today's time, I think time is the most important factor, and the best thing you can do is spend time with the person you love.

6) How is Ziddi Dil different from any other television show?

The concept of the show is very different, and I believe the way elements of romance, action, and friendship are blended makes it unique and more special. The whole team is immensely hardworking and are incredibly passionate about bringing something new and different to its audiences through this show. With such impeccable script, I can assure that the show is bound to strike a chord with its audience and take them on a never seen before journey.

7) How have you prepared for your role?

I believe every character you play requires a certain amount of preparation. With Faizi, I had to undergo rigorous training sessions and do intense workshops to get into the skin of my character. I am on a crash diet and working out in the gym every day to stay in shape. To make a character look natural on the screen, I believe it's an amalgamation of efforts from the director and the actor. We are working very hard towards delivering our bestwork to our audience.

8) Any message to your fans?

I will take this opportunity to thank my fans for showering us with love and support in such a short period. I can promise that Ziddi Dil – Maane Na will continue to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats with its captivating storyline and exciting twists. We are working as a family and putting our best foot forward to make this engaging and memorable for our audiences. So, sit tight and get onto this spellbinding journey with us.

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