Monsoon is here bringing joy to everyone's life! Over the past few days, the city has been experiencing a good amount of rainfall. While the rainfall might be a menace for some, some others find the time to enjoy and have fun. Utilizing this blissful time to the fullest is popular actor Siddharth Nigam who is seen as Shivaay in Sony SAB’s Hero – Gayab Mode On.

In a candid conversation, Siddharth shares his experience of utilizing his free time on the set amidst the blissful monsoon season.

Talking about his favourite season, Siddharth Nigam said, “Monsoon is one of my favourite seasons in the year as it brings a very peaceful vibe. It is also like a stressbuster when I am in need of some calm and peace. During these times, I enjoy sitting by my balcony and watching the rains. A plate full of pakoras and some garam chai puts me in an ecstatic mood during monsoons and I feel there is no simpler joy than this. All these little things simply add fun to this beautiful season, making it all the more likeable.”

Sharing his fondest monsoon memories, Siddharth Nigam said, “One of my recent fond monsoon memory was while we were shooting in Baroda. The cast gathered up and we were all sitting together, talking and sharing about our journeys, careers, struggles in life. It simply became a memory. Monsoon is a season that creates such a vibe and atmosphere, everyone gathers for a good catch-up session with some pakoras and chai.”

Siddharth further added “Here in Mumbai, the weather has lately been very blissful. We have been receiving a good amount of rainfall. During my free time on the sets, especially when it is raining, I just jump out for a quick drench in the rain. It gives me a sense of happiness. I have always enjoyed dancing in the rain and still continue to do even while shooting on sets. My brother, Abhishek Nigam and I also utilize this time to make videos and reels for our fans.”

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