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What made you accept the show Kaatelal & Sons? How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB?

Being a part of one of Bharat’s leading channels is amazing. I really loved my character Susheela. When I was briefed about the show and I auditioned for it, I didn’t have much expectations of getting selected for the role. I wasn’t even sure if I could do the Haryanvi accent but I was keen on giving it a shot and things simply fell into place. Kaatelal & Sons is one of the shows that I am really excited about. I have had the experience in the comedy genre in the past and I am hoping I’d be able to use my skills in this show.

The concept of the show is really motivating. What are your thoughts on it?

Certainly, the concept is motivating. I feel there are very few shows on television which are real life adaption. When we heard that the show is inspired by a true story, I was even more excited to be a part of the show and get to know my character further. The story is really empowering, and it goes to tell that if woman choose to do something, they can definitely achieve it.

What is special about Susheela? Please share a little more about the character?

I am so thrilled and happy that I got to play Susheela. She is completely care-free and bindass. I have played such characters before but nothing matches Susheela. She is tom boyish, hot headed and doesn’t think twice before beating someone up. She enjoys physical training and nobody can mess with her. Susheela is like a free bird. She is also Randeep Hooda’s biggest fan..

For this role, I have been doing a lot of action sequence from punching bags to fight sequences.

What are your thoughts on the phrase – Sapno Ka Koi Gender Nahi Hota?

I love the phrase as it highlights a beautiful thought. Today men and women are at par with each other in every field. Take our entertainment industry for example, earlier we didn’t have women make up artists but now have so many of them. We have female directors, cinematographers and more. I feel this is so empowering. They define and bring to life this very phrase, Sapno Ka Koi Gender Nahi Hota.

What was your dream while growing up and was your family supportive of it?

While growing up I wanted to be a lot of things. My wishes and ambitions kept changing from dreaming of being a teacher to a pilot. My parents understood that I am confused. But when the time really came when I had to choose my mum suggested me to try acting. I started my journey through theatre and used to sit through auditions and watch other people perform. I didn’t have the courage to face the camera and the day I did that I was shivering. For me as an artist it has been an exciting ride so far I must say. There has been some great learnings throughout which helped me be where I am today.

Did you have to work on your Haryanvi dialect? How difficult or easy was it for you?

Haryanvi, surprisingly hasn’t been so difficult for me to grasp. I think, for me it gets a little difficult to memorize. Otherwise, I didn’t have a hard time delivering the accent. We did a lot of workshops and readings to get this essence of Haryana right. Our director is a one-man army who has helped us at every step.

Do you relate to you character Susheela?

Not so much. But I feel I have an inner Susheela. She is so carefree, and I wish to be that way. While I am moulding myself as Susheela and I feel eventually I will relate to her a lot more. The character and this show have also been inspiring for me, it made me realise that even I can do the action sequences by myself from jumping on a moving tempo to pushing bags to lifting heavy weights. I am constantly training to be strong like Susheela and I end up with a bruise every now and then after the fight sequences. But I am sure it will be totally worth it. I am learning and growing each day.

How has been your experience shooting for the show so far?

It has been phenomenal. I feel I am really fortunate to have such an amazing team and co-stars to work with. Every step of my journey with Kaatelal & Sons has been great. I am so glad that Megha and I connected on the very first day of the shoot and I already feel like she is my sister. She is so comfortable to be around and work with. We are already making memories and I hope this continues.

Any message for the fans?

All I want to say is that my fans have supported me all along and when the trailer launched for Kaatelal & Sons, I received such an overwhelming response from everyone. I am immensely grateful for their love and support. It is because of them that I am here today and they continue to encourage me to give my best.

Watch Jiya Shankar as dabangg Susheela every Monday- Friday at 7:30PM only on Sony SAB

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