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Catchphrases are known to be a useful tool for character depiction in the storyline. When catchwords are uttered many times in a dialogue, they tend to start playing up in your mind every time you spot your favourite character. They tend to become a kind of trademark, triggering familiarity and laughter. Similar is the case with the actor, Saanand Verma, popularly known as Anokhe Lal Saxena in &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai for his catchphrase ‘I like it!’. Although ‘I like It’ is a very commonly used phrase, no one can enact it better than Anokhe Lal Saxena with his trademark cocked-eye expression!

Says, Saanand Verma aka Anokhe Lal Saxena, “I have always loved variations in my character. The role of Saxena is unique and has its quirks. It is not easy to enact someone who is neither completely sane nor insane. Interestingly, I was destined to portray this role as I was not the original choice, but somehow it just fe l into my lap, and as they say, rest is history. The character instantly caught up with the viewers and took my fan following to the next level. I owe it to Shashank Bali, Director of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, who gave me this breakthrough role and coined the infamous cocked-eye expression with the ‘I like It’ catchphrase. I did not have to work upon the line of dialogue as such, as the Saxena streak somehow has been naturally in me! (giggles)” Speaking about his fan moments and Saxena’s character popularity, Saanand elaborates, “As actor, our biggest critique and admirers are our audience. When they begin to recognise and appreciate your character and work, it brings tremendous contentment. An artist only seeks love and appreciation. I had never imagined that the character would become an instant hit with the audience. I remember I was in Kanpur for an event, and as I was about to wrap up and leave, a man came running to me, out of the huge crowd that had lined up, holding his four- year-old son to tell me how much he and his son loved my character and our show and wanted to take a picture with me. The twinkle in their eyes, their broad smile seeing me, and the warmth of that love, truly made my day and stayed with me for a long time. These are the moments that make everything so special for us, and it is our fans and audience’s love that motivates us to do better.”

Watch Saanand Verma, aka Anokhe Lal Saxena’s madness with his infamous catchwork  ‘I like it’ in &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai at 10:30 PM every Monday to Friday

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