‘The Style Project’ - MagnumXSonam kicks off with its first episode ‘Flavours of Style’

Sonam and Style are undoubtably synonymous. She takes her style very seriously and takes pleasure in the art itself. Known for her fearless attitude towards style and fashion, the ‘Style Project’ is here to make waves!

The new mini web-series in collaboration with Magnum kicks off today with Sonam K Ahuja showcasing everything that goes behind the makings of a style icon. Titled ‘Flavours of Style’, the first episode captures her style tenets that guide her to secure some of the most iconic fashion looks and how pleasure is integrated through all its facets.

As style is an everyday passion for Sonam, the episode discusses her serious inclination to break away from the shackles of style rules. The queen of experimental fashion takes audiences through owning a look that is truly their own. She believes that party, casual, night or day looks shouldn't limit you from making a statement! ‘Overdressed? Underdressed? These words have never bothered me. For me it’s all about shaking things up and making a look memorable!’ says Sonam.

Coming onboard earlier this month as the new face of Magnum, the exclusive collaboration brings to you the best of both worlds. Having struck a balance between high fashion and street style, this diva has defined a new era of chic-glam. Much like Magnum’s penchant for taking pleasure seriously, Sonam too believes in the power of pleasure to weave her own, individualistic style stories. From style obsessions and trends, to dares and fashion secrets, the upcoming episodes are a style and pleasure seekers thrill!

Experience the latest collaboration between Magnum and global fashionista, Sonam K Ahuja with all the episodes available on our YouTube channel, and the official Magnum website!

Here is the link for you to watch the episode - https://youtu.be/-AESDULhSx4.