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Bhuvan Bam, Digital Star

“2020 has not been a very easy year with the pandemic, lockdowns, forest fires, mass layoffs, and whatnot. But what has changed for good, is the face of humanity. My biggest learning this year was the importance of each and every individual around me, our strength lies in being a part of the community. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves how important kindness is. All I can resolve to say that 2021 will have better days to see. As for me, I’ll be entering into a newer vertical of entertainment with BBKiVines' new production Dhindora. I am really excited for the year to come and hope 2021 brings a lot of joy in each of our lives along with a ray of hope to realize our dreams or even spark a new beginning.”

Ashish Chanchalni, YouTuber, Digital Celebrity

"The very first thing I want to do in 2021 is to travel to different places with my family and friends. Along with this, I want to create a lot more new and meaningful content as it was not possible in this year due to the pandemic. 2021 will be more exciting content-wise as everyone will get to see a lot of ACVHatke concept. 2020 was a roller coaster ride for everyone but I am grateful that my parents recovered from COVID-19. This lockdown has made me more strong and I have connected with my fans in a better way than before. They have always supported me and helped me overcome my ups and downs."

Amit Tandon, Standup Comedian

"The year 2020 was full of opportunities for me. Lockdown encouraged me to focus more on my health, creative skills, and family. Earlier, due to traveling and back-to-back work I was hardly able to focus on things of my interest. I always wanted to do more than just stand-up comedy and this year gave me a chance to explore my limits and test my boundaries. I became more familiar with the technical world because of which I could manage all my shows by myself virtually. Going ahead, in 2021, I am working for an audio show and a few digital series that are written by me. A lot of exploration has happened which I could safely add to my portfolio."

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