With friends around, even work becomes fun. So is the case for Siddharth Nigam, Ashi Singh, Amit Raghuvanshi, Shivani Badoni and Raashul Tandon, who have found a friend in each other on the sets of Sony SAB’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga.

Aladdin (Siddharth Nigam), Yasmine (Ashi Singh) and Ginoo (Raashul Tandon) were the perfect trio. However, with new members Koyal (Shivani Badoni) and Sheefan (Amit Raghuvanshi), they have become quite the gang on the sets and have been every minute of that, feeling like they are back to college.

Talking about the fun they are having on the sets lately, Shehzaada Aladdin aka Siddharth Nigam said, “We all have become such good friends and we have so much fun on the sets, cracking jokes, pulling each other’s legs. Amit especially, since he is new, we have been helping him in a few technicalities, which eventually he performs very cutely and we all tease him about that. Shivani is always very punctual to the sets so if sometimes she arrives late, we tease her by saying that ‘she has become a big actor now, hence is arriving late on the sets’ We have a lot of fun together with each other and we don’t even realise how time passes by.”

Sharing a funny moment from the sets, Siddharth said, “We were recently shooting a horror track and during the breaks, we started sharing horror stories with each other. I also pulled a prank on Ashi and Shivani and scared them. I am basically the most notorious one amongst all of us. I start the mischiefs and others follow.”

Adding to it, Ashi Singh said, “I have developed a wonderful bond with Siddharth and we have a lot of fun shooting together for Aladdin, sometimes even pulling each other’s leg. With Raashul, our wavelength matches a lot as whenever he cracks a joke, I am the first one to understand it and laugh at it. After Amit and Shivani entered the show, the five of us have become like a school gang. We crack jokes on the set and keep laughing. Most of the time we are scared that we will be scolded at for

laughing so much, sometimes even during the shoot. So, it feels amazing when you have such good friends and good vibes on the set.”

The eldest one of the lot, Raashul commented, “It has been so much more fun ever since Amit and Shivani joined the show. Amit is such an innocent and a lovely boy, fairly new to the industry. We actually pulled a prank on him during one of the scenes. In a scene where he had to put a spoon in my hand while I was sleeping, we told him that I will move my hand and it will hit him, which wasn’t in the script. Amit was sincerely practicing his reactions for when he would get hit by my hand but when it didn’t happen during the real shot, he was bewildered. He only realized what was happening when everyone started laughing. So, it’s a lot of fun as we all pull each other’s leg and everyone takes it sportingly.”

Talking about his bond with the entire team, Amit Raghuvanshi, playing Sheefan said, “We all enjoy a lot together, we gossip, tease each other and even tell random stories. Recently, while shooting for the Dayan sequence, we all started sharing our personal paranormal experiences and it was spooky yet so much fun. It's a blessing to have someone like Ginoo (Raashul Tandon) on set. The humour that he brings in is unparalleled. Since I am new, I was initially struggling to understand camera angles but he boosted my morale and even helped me out. Siddharth has been helping me with all the stunts and he makes them look easy and clean. Ashi, is a really lively person and once you get to know her, you realize how mischievous she is. Shivani is really fun to be around. She is very upfront in her life and I was glad to have someone on the set who joined at the same time as I did. Each one of them is amazing as a person and as an actor too.”

The chirpy Shivani Badoni, essaying Koyal shared, “I have been enjoying myself on the set with all these lovely people. We all have become really good friends and have a lot of masti in between the shots.

Ginoo ji (Raashul) and Siddharth pull my leg a lot but we have a laugh about it together. We then pull Sheefan’s (Amit) leg and have a laugh about that too. Everyone has been extremely welcoming towards Amit and I and have accepted us into the Aladdin family.”

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