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1. How does it feel to be back with Wagle Ki Duniya this time on Sony SAB?

It is an amazing feeling because Wagle Ki Duniya has been one of the most important milestones of my life. The name Wagle coined by RK Laxman is adorable and is embedded in the people's minds. I was often called “Aanjjan Wagle Srivastav” by the viewers and fans. So, coming back to the show which made me a household name as Wagle is a beautiful feeling. I again get to live Srinivas’s life but in this new era.

2. What made you accept the newer version of the show ‘Wagle Ki Duniya?’

Since this is RK Laxman’s centenary year and I wanted to pay my tribute to him as he introduced me to an art form that completely blew me away. He encouraged my work which kept pushing me to give my best and the rest is history. Basically, I feel Wagle Ki Duniya has made me who I am today and I can never say no to this show. So, I am happy to be a part of it again.

3. What can the viewers expect from Wagle Ki Duniya this time?

One thing that has remained constant is, even during the 80s people were struggling and still people are — just the issues are new. So, even after 32 years the basic issue of my character remains same in post-Covid times. Then or now, Wagle has never preached — just shared the thought and let audience decide. So, the fans can expect to watch this era’s problem of a simple, common man. My role is basically to develop the story of my son and support him in his journey and achievements. The story focuses on the newer problems that Rajesh Wagle will face and how the whole Wagle family deal with them. This show has beautifully embedded the family values that Rajesh has inherited from his parents and how he keeps them alive in this new era.

4. Please share something about your character, Srinivas Wagle?

Srinivas Wagle continues to be Srinivas Wagle, except now he has retired and lives with his son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. He wants to be near his son, but at the same time he doesn’t want to sacrifice his comfort zones. He is goofy and ends up creating small troubles without intention. Srinivas adores Rajesh for keeping him close to him but complains about him to everyone, “Borivali mein ghar nahi lena chhaiye tha…. yeh backwater ka badbu aata rehta hai humesha…. Nahin???” I am also keeping the typical Srinivas Wagles nuances and nature alive that RK Laxman would have wanted in Wagle Ki Duniya.

5. This Wagle Ki Duniya will focus on today’s problem faced by a common man, so what according you have changed between the issues of earlier Wagle Ki Duniya and this newer version?

I think some issues haven’t changed. The common man of Bharat still suffers the problem that he had during older times. In some ways, I can say that problems have increased due to variety of competition in the market and the standard of living has changed. Our writer, Aatish has taken such issues of a common man that are very common around us and I feel, this makes our viewers relate to the show and the characters. So, even after 32 years the basic issue of my character remains same. Then or now, Wagle has never preached — just shared the thought and let audience decide.

6. Wagle Ki Duniya will now feature three generations of the family. What are your thoughts on the importance of joint family in today’s time?

I feel that it is important as the concept of a joint family can unite Bharat altogether again. Wagle Ki Duniya presents this concept beautifully. I agree that a joint family can have its challenges but having love and care towards each other is of utmost importance to lead a happier life.

7. Did you have any apprehensions before accepting Wagle Ki Duniya again?

Yes, I did have apprehensions before making a comeback. I have received various offers but I didn’t accept any daily soaps. I am receiving offers for OTT and films and I think this is the result of what Wagle Ki Duniya has made me as an artiste. I wasn’t keen on doing serials but I couldn’t stop myself because it was the Wagle Ki Duniya. I had apprehensions in the beginning around the fact if people don’t accept me as Senior Wagle now and if they have much higher expectations.

I asked Bharati and she also agreed on doing the show and when I heared the script from Aatish, I took a sigh of relief as I was rest assured that Aatish Kapadia is doing a great job and I have full faith in him.

8. Any message to your fans?

I want to ask the viewers to be a part of this new Wagle family because the show is almost a reflection of the issues and struggles that a common man has to go throughout his life. I just request all my fans and viewers to watch it with their families and enjoy it.

Watch the Wagle’s in Wagle Ki Duniya: Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey Monday-Friday at 9 PM only Sony SAB

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