Sony SAB’s Ziddi Dil- Maane Na is a youthful show that will revolve around a bunch of trained civil cadets who meet at the Parakram SAF (Special Action Force) Base Camp. They've come to realise their dreams while learning how to blend in and survive in the camp. This show will provide a breath of fresh air to its viewers by showing how their relationships will grow along the journey.

Ziddi Dil Maane Na’s Shaalien Malhotra essaying the role of Special Agent Karan Shergill spills the beans on his fitness secret and how he manages to stay healthy amid his hectic routine. In a candid conversation he reveals his love for Martial Arts, ways to stay happy and his inspiration to stay healthy.

Talking about his fitness routine, Shaalien said, “Fitness is an integral part of my life, to ensure that I am always fit, I have been involved in a regular fitness regime for a very long time now. There is a misconception that being fit means being muscular, however to me being fit is all about eating well, getting good sleep and leading a healthy lifestyle. My workout routine keeps changing depending on the requirements of the roles that I’m playing. Sometimes I need to look muscular, other times I need to put on weight, however as soon as I depart from a character I go back to my original routine. We often neglect our mental health, but mental and physical health always goes hand in hand. If your mind can conceive it your body can achieve it. My fitness mantra is eating healthy, having a good lifestyle, and enjoying life.”

Expressing his love for Martial arts, Shaalien said, “I started practicing Martial arts 8-9 years ago, it has helped me immensely in my personal and professional life. It helps me stay focused, keeps my reflexes sharp, my mind clear and makes me feel lighter and stress free. Every character requires a different kind of training so I have been able to be as regular with it as I would like to, but I always go back to it when I have the time. Martial Arts has proven helpful in Ziddi Dil Maane Na because a lot of kicks and core activation are involved during the action sequences, so the process becomes a breeze because of my knowledge. My character requires an authoritative aura, and this definitely helps me in making my eyes look focused and I can stare at someone like a lion and my eyes are always fixated on the target and it's easier for me to stay in my character and embody its essence completely.”

Talking about how the show helps Shaalien stay fit, he said, “The show requires me to stay in my best shape so I always look for motivation within me and what helps me is knowing that staying fit will help me live a longer and healthier life. A lot of my inspiration also comes from my peers on set, Diljot Chhabra essaying the character of Sanjana is exceptionally fit and has a very strict and disciplined diet and workout routine.“

Keep watching Shaalien Malhotra as Special Agent Karan in Sony SAB’s Ziddi Dil- Maane Na, Monday to Saturday at 8 PM